Where does the power come from in a fajing strike/ an internal power strike?

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by cpthindsight, Apr 21, 2015.

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  2. The Iron Fist

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    Well from the conceptual point of view every person can control their own chi, nurture it, etc. You'd use it to do every living thing that you do, including sitting and doing nothing. In the martial arts the goal of chi development follows the path of the conditioned individual, someone who had put a lot of physical and mental effort into their fighting skills, thereby linking their "Chi" with their fighting ability. In this way "chi" becomes more than just a metaphor for energy, it became a cultural rubric for measuring a fighter's worth, in the context of Chinese martial art. Put another way, although everyone in China had "chi", the "Chi" of famous martial artists was considered legendary.
  3. Robinhood

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    Yes, everyone has chi , learning to separate and isolate chi is more along the line of my question.
  4. embra

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    This is Andrew Head-Nugent, one of the most prominent TCM practitioners left on the planet from the association of traditional studies.

    To anyone wishing to gain a gram or 2 of insight into 'Chi' and other associated aspects of TCM, Yin Style Baguazhang and DaoYin with in historical and contemporary contexts; then take the time and patience to follow these 'demystification' lectures and the countless others that he and followers of Dr Xie (RIP) have put up on Youtube.

    It should become pretty obvious pretty quickly, that 'Chi' as is used in Chinese (Mandarin and otherwise) language; has a multitude of meaning and interpretations.

    Thus, it is pointless to pontificate about 'Chi' and other associated aspects of TCM and ICMA, unless you really have depth context and exposure - Robinhood does not possess 1 atom of knowledge.

    Seeking explanation via western Science is almost pointless as well, although I do reserve some +ve words for Fluid Mechanics - as we humans are about 80% fluid.

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1YilBJY-rk"]Daoyin & Chinese Medicine: The Demystifying Qi Seminar Part 01 - YouTube[/ame]
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  5. bodyshot

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    Is this chi associated with a certain muscle group or other body part, does using it involve me having to squeeze my spleen internally or something, please be more specific about how I am to use chi.
  6. embra

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    I would not be expecting other than vacuous and rhetorical evasions to any questions you put to Loxley.

    At best he is a 16 year old with zero exposure whatsoever.
  7. bodyshot

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    Well in that case ban him and let's proceed with our own search for martial knowledge with out him.
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    That'll only happen (to anyone) who continually breaks the ToS.

    If you see a problem please report it. Keep in mind that misuse of the report function is a breach of the ToS too.

    Threads are not the place to decide who gets banned. In addition it isn't your call.

    It's easy for someone to assume a greater knowledge.

    The way to prove it here is to write it down.
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    All right everyone- play nicely. This is your mod warning, do not devolve into personal attacks. Stick to disagreeing about the issue.

    Do not worry. Mods have been watching this thread closely for some time.

    This is an interesting topic, but if we can't discuss it like mature adults, I will close the thread. I would like to think that we can all disagree and do so in an agreeable respectful fashion.

    And if anyone thinks someone should be banned, report the post to the moderator team. Don't turn this thread into talking about whom you feel should be banned or not.

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    To understand the full context of TCM, Andrew's lectures are probably the best resource around, short of doing what he did in about 1985, and moving off to China permanently, to research the dying embers of TCM.

    For Martial implications of TCM, the associated DaoYin and Yin Style Baguazhang, they are about the best you will find, that have a credible lineage back to China, taught by contemporary Chinese via Hu Jinbao.

    It is not the whole story, but their system - TMA, DaoYin, Yin Syle Baguazhang; is the most complete that I know of.

    The system that I train in - Cheng Tin Hung's Wudang Practical TaiJiQuan is comparably complete- mostly in competitive fighting ability - but has lost its roots in HongKong as Cheng Tin Hung's offspring lost interest; and is left principally to 2 Europeans Dan Docherty and Ian Cameron, and a few others; but the TCM depth is not there.
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  11. embra

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    I am more than happy to bow out.
  12. Robinhood

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    No, no body contortions. If the body has attained a certain state, chi will flow freely, but the mind needs to control the flow.
  13. SWC Sifu Ben

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    Guys can we please not do this chi thing again... I'm running out of popcorn
  14. Robinhood

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  15. Hannibal

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    Who is your teacher?
  16. Hannibal

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  17. Robinhood

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    Energy or (chi) is my continual teacher, learned of it existence a little over 20 years ago , before that 20 years of external arts.

    Name dropping is not meaningful, most students of famous people are only shadows of their teachers, because they only copy the outside through useless forms and ritual dogma routines .
  18. aaradia

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    Stating your lineage is not name dropping. One should be proud of one's teachers. Indeed, it is disrespectful to not give credit to one's teacher.

    Unless one really doesn't have a teacher.

    One is not representing their teachers teachings properly and doesn't want to be caught doing so.

    One doesn't want people verifying if someone is from said lineage.

    One is ashamed of their teacher?

    One doesn't want to admit they are going the self taught route, and acting like an expert on a matter when they actually have no real training at all.

    You are making a claims that do not fit what a lot of other instructors out there teach. And you are acting like you are an authority, but not stating your credentials to back up implied authority. It is only fair to wonder what your background is.

    If unwilling to state, you really do have not have credibility. And your reasons sound like excuses because you do not want to admit any of the possibilities I stated above.

    If you have a teacher, you should be proud and honored to be their student and have no trouble discussing it.
  19. Robinhood

    Robinhood Banned Banned

    Lineage. Ying and yang, like what every real martial art is based on, I am not saying anything different than what is written in orginal chinese martial art books.

    My teacher does not care about whether you know who he is. Application of what works is what matters, and orginal application of the principles of yin/yang still work, and if you are following some other principle, maybe you are studying the art of strong beats weak, or fast beats slow, which is not a real martial art and is limited in all areas of real life.
  20. aaradia

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    Well, as long as you take this position, you really don't have much credibility I am afraid.

    If you truly followed the principles you mention, I feel you would understand that you are drawing artificial lines between external and internal concepts. The longer I study, the less I see distinctions between the two. Oh, and I study both an external AND an internal style, so I am in a good position to be able to compare them. And my school and lineage have been mentioned as I am both proud and humbled to be able to learn from my instructors.
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