Where Can I By A Bujinkan Gi??

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    Dear all sensei's, senpais and ninjas!

    WHERE CAN I BUY A BUJINKAN TAIJUTSU GI ONLINE (or other places in scandinavia)???

    And do you have some Bujinkan taijutsu links in the scandinavia area? since I live in Norway.

    I know you can buy on www.ninjutsu.com but that's not the type I wore before. The one I used to have have this thick kind of jeans fabric and looks much nicer than that one on www.ninjutsu.com, (I think my sensei got it shipped from Japan from the original Bujinkan org. there, you know that one which is packed in plastic and there's a Bujinkan logo with a red sun on the plastic.

    [don't need to read:]
    The story is long. After on year quitting on ninjutsu I started karate at school to comfort myself (and since it was for free). After a month (end of may) I found out that karate doesnt suit me. I used my ninjtusu gi to train karate. I started to train ninjutsu again this summer. BUT I CAN'T FIND MY GI!!!!!!!!! This sux. I must have left it at school. But at the last school day all left-over clothes are handed in to a second hand shop chain called Fretex (the evil principle claimed). I went back to the school but couldnt find it in my locker nor in the gym locker room or kiosk (where the left-over clothes usual are, but there were some clothes left so the evil principle with ugly teeth lied). So I called all second hand shops in my district plus some outside it and the sorting bases where they assort clothes according to gender etc. I got some friendly responses that they will call me if I find it, but most of them were negative (probably a result of facing dirty clothes all day)! But there was no trace of it. I feel so bad. This is the worst thing that can happen to a ninja. This is probably the most precious thing I've ever lost (and it wasnt cheap too! It costed 800kr, so about 80£!! + the red belt which is on 70kr so 7£. and I think I dropped in my lipgloss in the bag too... ~~~~>_<~~~~). Since Im 17 and havnt grown taller in the past 2 yrs, I don't want to buy a new gi. The first one is always the best one, I got it after my first graduation and it got good memories there....puhuhu~~~~ This is all my fault (although it wasnt, it has to be blamed on the stupid stinky school who wants to be clean before summer, but it wont! Because you just thrown away my holy gi so now your school will be cursed forever by it! *doing a seal with a finger*)
    Now I've had 2 trainings without my gi on, and today my sensei asked me again, "No Gi on today huh?". Although it was said in a joking way I felt really down coz I really really loved my gi. Maybe the main reason is because I dont want to buy a new gi to excite my mum and waste money. This is bad. Taihen desu ne~~~~~ I WANT MY GI BACK!!!! To be realistic and cruel to myself, the only solution is to buy a new one at the moment. And to comfort myself: You'll always need another gi when the other one is in wash! The reason I want to buy online and not from my sensei is because frm a shinobi sense I feel that he is a very greedy and moneymoneymoney type of man that will sell it for his own economical advantages (I've heard from a former senpai that his price is over ahalf of the other dojo! Unlucky that my senpai has vanished).
    Another thing whish is queer is when I tried to track up all the Bujinkan clubs in norway, they were all gone! So if someone can find any. Pls post it here. Im totally in despair.

    Peace and love & happines forever to our ninja-clan
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