What's Your Fave TKD Drill Work?

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by kwang gae, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. kwang gae

    kwang gae 광개 Sidekick Specialist

    Just about every TKD class has some drills, so what're your favorites? :confused:

    One of my favorites is a kicking drill to get the cardio going. Start in a fighting stance left foot forward, throw a rear leg front kick (R) stepping down in front, then a rear leg roundhouse kick (L), rear leg axe kick (R), rear leg side kick (L) landing 180 degrees (i.e., facing the opposite direction from when you began the drill). Repeat, now with same kicks but opposite legs. :D

    SUPERSCOUSE New Member

    Mine is
    right jab
    left reverse
    right body hook
    right body hook
    right head hook

    and if you pull it off in comp it is as ive been told SWEET!
  3. HwaRang

    HwaRang Just don't call me flower

    Standing jumping front leg front kicks across the hall switching left and right foot each time. When you get a rythm going its awesome. And knackering.

    Same leg axe kick switching to side kick without the foot touching the floor.
  4. Another Muay Thai Guy

    Another Muay Thai Guy Valued member

    .....but we're not allowed to hook? :confused:
  5. kwang gae

    kwang gae 광개 Sidekick Specialist

    ITF-styles often allow hook punches, though they are definately verboten in WTF. :(
  6. Another Muay Thai Guy

    Another Muay Thai Guy Valued member

    From what I've seen in the TAGB it's a no-no, which was why I was surprised as superscouse is a member of the same org. Anyway, sorry Kwang, I'll take it over to the TAGB thread! :)
    As for my favourite drill, you can't beat side kicking your way across the dojang without dropping your foot. :D
  7. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    My particular favorite is the front-round-hook-side kick w/same leg without putting leg down.... to all corners and walls (32 kicks total I believe) and then switch to other leg ... total of several times each leg.

    .... a rather good balance, strength & endurance drill ;)
  8. kwang gae

    kwang gae 광개 Sidekick Specialist

    Impressive KC!
  9. Artikon

    Artikon Advertise here ask me how

    Really any sort of Hogu drill is my favorite. Mainly because it will give the conditioning workout as well as practical application (for olympic tkd) as well. My favorites are typically counter drills that work three seperate combinations using double and triple kicks.
  10. kwang gae

    kwang gae 광개 Sidekick Specialist

    Sounds cool Artikon, can you give us an example?
  11. Azeotrope

    Azeotrope Valued Member

    Sparring where only techniques within a certain striking range count: close-in, middle distance, or longer distance.
  12. Liam Cullen

    Liam Cullen Valued Member

    Odd man, we train those pretty much every lesson, and I've also never been told off for using them in competition. Although in Olympic rules you can't punch to the face with any technique which is maybe what you were thinking? But even then you can still use them to the body.
  13. My favourite drill in the ITF was where we waited 10 mins while the kids stopped talking and hitting each other and whined loudly when given press-ups.
  14. Artikon

    Artikon Advertise here ask me how

    Basically it is very similar to step sparring with the difference that hogus are worn (helmets if kicking to the head is being done) and contact is heavy (with exception to the head since then you'll only get one rep).

    An example of a sequence would be having the pair being in closed stance. Attacker initiates with a round kick to the short side, defender shuffles back @ 45 degree angle and returns a round kick to the open target of the defender.

    This is a simple and basic one. A more advanced version may include the beginning of this basic and then . . .

    Attacker then gains distance with a straigh punch to the chest of the defender and initiates double round kick starting with back leg. Defender regains distance and during the double kick attack raises an axe kick straight up to land on the face of attacker.

    Essentiallly if you can come up with a scenerio, you can drill the sequence. To add a little variety you can do this where there are groups of people. Person at the start of the line starts as the defender and the line are the attackers. Work through the sequence as many times as there are people in line, then switch out the defender. This creates more of a dynamic way of training since each individual is not going to vary in the way, speed, power, entry of the techniques. This forces the defender to adapt to the circumstance.
  15. kdcjmc

    kdcjmc New Member

    I really enjoy a sparring drill we did yesterday. We stay within 4 to 6 squares of the mat and start with only hands. Then about two minutes later our instructor adds a round kick. We can use any form of that kick, leading, turning, spinning, ect. Then we replace the round kick with the side. So now it's all hand techniques and any form of a side kick. Then we replace the side with any form of hook kick. Then he opens it up to free sparring. After we free spar we move to a whole new partner and do it all again. It averages to about 6 or 7 minutes with each partner. Great workout and it always helps me come up with different combos.
  16. kwang gae

    kwang gae 광개 Sidekick Specialist

    Oh wahh wahh wahh! Poor baby. Get over it.
  17. Er.... Me or them? :confused:
  18. kwang gae

    kwang gae 광개 Sidekick Specialist

    Can I have both?
  19. franksv

    franksv Valued Member

    jab cross jab
    jab cross hook
    jab cross uppercut
    roundhouse cross jab
    elbows & knees
    basic kicks
    basic blocks

    all with footwork.

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