What's Special About Your Silat?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by doc_jude, Jun 9, 2007.

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    I'm sure plenty of us chose Silat because we saw it in action and found it better than what we were doing at the time. Some of us may have had nothing better to do, but I doubt it.
    So, why did you choose YOUR PARTICULAR STYLE OF SILAT? Was it the only thing in the area? & what do you find particularly interesting about it?
    I do Pentjak Silat Ratu Adil, from Guru Besar Rudy Terlinden. I stumbled upon one of his senior students in my town, he lives like 2 mins from me.
    I myself am very interested by Rudy's system especially since it has a great blend of hard conditioning & sensitivity training. Also, his use of elbows, even against blades, is fascinating. How can someone have elbows like sledgehammers but with sensitivity at the same time... it's just cool. Of course, we can only dream of having skills comparable to these guys.
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    I personally find it the most complete and comprehensive system available. I am sure that every one else will think the same with regards to what they practice.
  3. Gajah Silat

    Gajah Silat Ayo berantam!

    :) :) :D
    Well, thinking back to my first silat experience, my teacher didn't say, "do a load of sit ups and star jumps & then line up and punch the air for an hour"

    He just said, "punch me in the face". Then I was on the floor in pain. I remember thinking "at last..."

    Other than that, close range elbows, headbuts, crotch punching, stepping on feet and the fact that legs can do a miraid of things apart from kicking,were conspicuous in their absense in the previous stuff I'd studied & dabbled in.

    NB. Wali, clear out your mailbox........been trying to PM you but it's full :)
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    A lot of arts I had trained before had some great stuff but all had holes or gaps in them. I always felt there was something more. Then I came across Silat. My first experience was that it seemed to work against anything. When I met my teacher I realized my previous MA training was practicly useless to his skills and to what he had to offer.

    What I love about what I practice Kilat Pukulan Pencak Silat is that:

    It works when you are:
    only using 4 ounces of pressure
    out of shape
    In the Dark
    only able to use one arm
    or no arms
    or only legs
    or only shoulders
    On the Ground sitting or on your stomach or back
    dealing with multiple attackers
    in all environments and terrains
    It has an answer for every motion, for every weapon, for every scenario
    it works well to protect loved ones, friends and family along with professionals

    It translates well with any weapon you place in your hand or hands and start moving.

    It's good for your health

    Every motion has a physical, mental and spiritual understanding.
    It teaches you to move the body & breath integrated well and structured so you always have structural integrity and strength.
    It teaches you to control all the bases in the body and manipulate them both in yourself and in your opponents.
    Does not require strength to achieve.
    It teaches you to transfer energy.
    Keeps the mind sharp and keeps the body and spirit healthy.

    The countless bruises and beatings I have recieved by my teacher Guru Cliff Stewart have been testament to me of how devistating the art is and how important it is to treat it right and use it only when truly needed. The ultimate aspect is "Target Denial".

    I liked how Guru Cliff's energy was always deceptive and hard and soft at the same time. It amazed me how easy it is for him to manipulated my center and also how easily and gracefully he used langkah to obliterate my attacks ( i was not a noob when this occured so that further impressed me and made me realize i had a lot to learn). The best part is my teacher does not hold back or dangle the mystical carrot in my face he simple gives you what you can handle, what you are looking for, and fills you to the brim each time. I like the honesty in that. I am very grateful to him and his teachers and to Silat itself.

    As for SILAT in general:

    All styles good or bad have something to offer. So do all silat players.

    My teacher always says

    "a Little Silat goes a long way"

    Even bad silat can be good against someone who doesn't know silat.

    Also all good Silat at the truly high levels start to look the same.

    Silat in general has a "vibe" to it that is very inspiring.

    Many blessings to all the silat players in the globe and to all the Silat teachers out there.

    Thanks for Sharing,

    Santiago Dobles
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    Thanks for the replies, guys. The Silat world over here in the U.S. is small enough as it is, & all I really know about it is my style, & Donn Draeger's book Weapons & Fighting Arts of Indonesia, which is really good, by the way.
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    Yes that book is good.


    I get many used from here and have always been happy with the savings and the books.

    This one is good also, the story about DD is good to. ;)


    I have the original book and this one also. Pretty much the same stuff, added "Comprehensive" to the title.

    Kuntao is a good art if you are looking.

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    I'm familiar with it too, Kuntao was Rudy Terlinden's first art before doing Silat as a young man so alot of the strong Kuntao movements and strikes are in our art Pentjak Silat Ratu Adil.

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