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  1. I think Friday night is a good night for everyone to start chatting. Not off-topic chatting. Actually like. Lets all talk about problems and good points in life. Where we are and where we are going and who's taking us there.

    So I basically havent got any days off work over the new year apart from public holidays. Thats insane right? I must be the most hard done by worker in the whole world or something.

    What is everybody doing for New Years? We're just going into town I guess.

    So how come your in on a Friday night? I got 300 on DVD as a christmas present from my girlfriend and everyones watching it now but I realized that I actually watched it around 10 times on TV links before they took the website down and actually I know it word for word and probably didnt need the DVD so now I'm being anti-social and going on the net.

    Which everyone has a problem with as I have recently gave World of Warcraft away after becoming really really addicted to it. Has anyone played that?

    I completed Call of Duty 4 today on my brothers new PS3. All while drinking a bottle of Baileys. Yeah I know its supposed to be done in 25ml shots, but Im pretty cool like that.

    I've been with a girl for nearly 6 months now :eek: - I dont really do relationships usually and I dont know if I hate it or love it. This is how people get old right? They suddenly realize they've been working a white collar job and been with the same woman for 15 years and also a kid got born at some point and they never accomplished any of their dreams or anything right?

    Anyway. I start Ju-Jitsu in the new year. I've decided I dont much like Judo. We also booked our tickets for the Irish Opens [Huge kickboxing event] in March, and my girlfriends Dad is also paying for a holiday to Kos [Greece?/Turkey?] next summer.

    We went to see I am Legend last night. Its not really that good.

    I've also noticed that since I started preffering my training routine to be good things like bagwork and the gym and grappling that I cant just drop into the box splits anymore. Interesting fact.

    So who are you and how ya doing?

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  2. Taff

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    I'm emigrating and won't see any of my family and most of my friends again for years. Most people my age seem to be loafing. I am therefore a superior being. :p

    I am very much looking forward to it and get more nervous about dentist appointments, but I know that when the plane starts taking off I will feel quite strange. I just hope I won't throw up.

    I know I am making the right decision and I am chuffed that I'm able to go through with it. The thing is, even if it all goes wrong I find it unlikely that I will regret what I've done. Cheers to that!

    Now I'm going to watch Battlestar Galactica and listen to this exciting thunderstorm! (well exciting by British standards!)
  3. Natsu

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    Welp I've been going to the gym alot lately and training on some new "tricking" moves.
    Other than that theres the occassional work for 8 hours three times a week, shopping, watching movies, clubbing, raving ect. I can't say I'm completely content with my life at the moment, but its good enough for now I suppose.
    Relationship wise has been a repetitive cycle of me accepting intimate relationships then shortly after disposing them as if they were just a temporary cure for my illness. Haha but thats another story.

    Haha WOW can get highly addictive can't it. Been there done that, but school, martial arts and work always got in the way. There was one time though, that I couldnt control myself and skipped class because of raiding with my guild haha. COD4 is pretty sick eh? I just purchased Bioshock and Halo3 for the 360, but my cousins are over and have raided all my consoles haha.

    Yeah I am Legend was OK, but not as great as expected. Same for AVPR. I watched it last night and it wasnt as great as I had anticipated, but I am a devote Alien and Predator fan so it was pleasing enough for me haha.

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