What's all this geary Stuff?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by dbmasters, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. dbmasters

    dbmasters Valued Member

    I am intruiged by everything I am reading here, and apparantly this geary dude has people all worked up...

    Now, I study a modified version of Kenpo, some Tacy, some Traco, some modified between the two and has coem down directly from a Chow black belt...anyway, it's a good, solid, realistic self-defense style.

    I have, thru my looking in to lineage read about Chow, Parker, Mintose, Tatum and some other players in the area, but this Geary person seems to have people all worked up in some other threads...it seems from some Google-wackin that this geary is a Shoalin Kempo teacher...

    So, what is the snapshot version of why people are so polarized on this individual?
  2. snow_tiger

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  3. dbmasters

    dbmasters Valued Member

    hmmm, thanks for the link, interesting reading there...I think I'll bounce that name off my instructor tonight, so if it gets him all worked up...
  4. dbmasters

    dbmasters Valued Member

    Well, I dunno this Geary guy, never met him, never trained with him or know anyone who has, but he certainly does sound pretty full of himself. Kinda funny reading.

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