What to expect in your first amateur kickboxing bout?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by HearWa, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. HearWa

    HearWa Ow, that hurt...

    My instructor is getting some fights lined up for me this November, but I'm still not exactly sure what to expect. I know the rules and everything, but what's it like stepping into the ring for the first time? My next sash I'm going for is black, but I want to test myself before I grade...

    I'm confident in my abilities, but I realize I'm not experienced enough to be anything great. I've been in Kung Fu for five years, but kickboxing is a whole new frontier. I've been conditioning alot in the past two years, but there's still room for progress. So... what should I expect?

    Ps. Keep in mind I have no idea what organization I'll be fighting in yet.
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  2. pug32

    pug32 Valued Member

    expect a big adrenaline rush before hand!

    Hard to say if you don't know the organisation, is it full or semi contact?
  3. HearWa

    HearWa Ow, that hurt...

    Full contact, and from what I've heard very simular to IKF regulations. There's semi-contact kickboxing? :S How does that work?
  4. alex_000

    alex_000 You talking to me?

    You hit with moderate power and in the end the one with more points in 2-3 rounds wins. Its not like point TKD sparring. There are no pauses exept from the round bell . You get a penalty or disqualification for strong punches/kicks. In some i thing only directs (1-2) are allowed.
  5. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    stupid sounding rules to me. one tip- protect your stomach! while fighting with a partner yesterday I hit him across the solar plexus with a thai roundhouse kick. he could not breathe for about 15 seconds and fell to the ground, throwing off his gloves. I dont know american kickboxing rules though, are you allowed to strike with the shin? knees? I know elbows are not allowed in america. leg kicks though?

    I have a tip- you have a bad attitude. you have self doubt. you must not think you are a poor fighter or you WILL be a poor fighter. Kimura was proud and he was the best judoka who ever lived because he did not expect anything less than victory. Muhammad Ali would boast all the time, and he was great. arrogance and pride are not the same thing- arrogance comes from ignorance and pride comes from the heart.
  6. HearWa

    HearWa Ow, that hurt...

    I have heart, that I don't deny. I don't boast because that's just fuel for your opponent. I've fought full contact a few times before (what can I say? I'm young and in kung fu... they like picking on me during gradings! :)), and if I do say so myself I know how to take a beating as well as to give one.

    I'm 153 pounds, eighteen years old. I believe this makes me a light weight. I've been told that I can throw almost any technique except for elbow and knee strikes. I must throw at least eight kicks a round. I'll fight three three minute rounds, or to a knock out. Whichever comes first. :)

    My instructor is doing up a workout routine for me right now... I'll be training at his house during the summer apparently. :) I have a workout routine right now, but he has much more experience than me so I suppose I can replace it!

    Actually, I have an older boxer who has fought proffessionally willing to help train me too. I might take advantage of this! ;)

    Anyways... it doesn't seem like I'm getting alot of help on this forum. Have any of you actually fought full contact?
  7. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    well what help would you like? your coach can give you better advice than we can over a forum. we dont know anything about your strengths or weaknesses, we dont know who your opponent is, or.. well anything. are you doing a lot of sparring atm? full contact? thats a very important part of the training before a fight.
  8. HearWa

    HearWa Ow, that hurt...

    I just wanted to get the perspective of another student. :)

    Sparring, a bit. I'll get alot this summer though.
  9. Cyrax

    Cyrax Forever Student

    Expect anything....but most of all RELAX!
  10. speed_dragon

    speed_dragon Valued Member

    america has too many rukes when it comes to kickboxing thats why i try to pick up on thai boxing...if ur fighting american the protect knee joints dont worry about face unless the guy is shorter than u if so he's kick hes gonna try an take ur head off BELIEVE ME ON THAT if ur toe to toe then have confidence take a deep breath and do waht u were taught..dont lose control and and stay calm make him fight u ..unless u were taught to be aggressive...beware of the side step kick to mid and shins...or it could be a bad day
  11. speed_dragon

    speed_dragon Valued Member

    hell yea it hurts dude u almost wanna quit but perservere rememeber what ur taught like i said earlier

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