What Tech. set are you working on?

Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by KSW88, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. KSW88

    KSW88 Valued Member

    I thought this would be a very a good topic...

    What Technique set is everyone working on? How comfortable are you with it, and how long have you been practicing/learning it?

    All are welcome, from our Ki Bon Soo White belts to Bang Won Ki Masters. Join in and inform.

    The later of those two is a set I am currently learning. I have been for the past three months, and its a very interetsing new set that involves much attention to detail and partner control.
  2. Willow

    Willow Valued Member

    I'm a white belt and I just learned Sohn Mok Soo #2 which really hurt when Master Lee demonstrated it on me. I've learned wrist grabs before, so it will be interesting to see what these will be like compared to what I've done before.

    I'm pretty comfortable with most of the Ki Bon Soo's with the exception of a few of the pressure points I have difficulty locating at times.
  3. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    Willow, I don't want to tell you to not worry about the pressure pionts, bc they are a very important part of the tech. It's ok if you don't get them at first, or even all the time; In time you will, and you'll find them w/o looking at your partner, just takes time and pratice. Keep at it. I love KBS, they are one of the best sets, also bc they prepare you for every other technique in KS.

    Oh and to answer the question, I'm(well KJN is) currently going back and "updating" all my techniques, adding more detail than I thought there was. Some of them feel completly different. I've memorized all the 3rd dahn material.
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  4. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    I've been thinking about Eue Bok Soo #12 and #13. Why would anyone grab you like that. The only thing I can think that is realistic so far is a crotch grab practiced a little high. Anybody else have any ideas?
  5. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    I used to carry my wallet tucked under the buckle of my jeans. maybe that would have been a technique i would've used if someone tried to steal it. IDK.
  6. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    i've just learnt all of poh bahk sool, they're fun :D especcially 5 and 6. although they aren't really my concern, i have over two years before my projected promotion to psbn so i have a long time to get these sets down. the 1st dahn techs are more important to me at the moment. :)
  7. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    Ya, PBS is fun, I like #4, and the demo version of #9, personally.
  8. karma

    karma Valued Member

    eue bohk soo 12 @ 13, about moving center of gravity and defending against it. same as di eue bohk soo 13 14 15, only they are done from behind
  9. Ferran

    Ferran Valued Member

    _If_ these are the ones with a belt grab, then it might well be the first step for a throw or a knife. Specially if it was originally thought to be used against armored people.

    I'm working KBS, also. Techniques are OK, but my detail lacks; I _know_ I'm not doing the 'kuzushi' quite right in the first four --and, adding insult to injury, I have to unlearn something on Nbr. 2 from my time in Ju Jitsu; something quite set in--. And, at 6', I'm a bit upset with Nbrs. 14 & 15; should be another throw completely when your agressor (in Ja Se) is about 2' lower. I cannot also fathom, for love of life, why the learning of hip throws starts by the left side.
  10. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    What if the only thing you've got on are shorts... grabbing the waistband might be the only thing to grab to manipulate you. Or here in Texas, maybe you've got a huge belt buckle and it's the easiest thing to grab. :D

    For a while I thought the same about Eue Bok Soo #6... who would reach over my head and grab the back of my collar? But it's not necessarily about that. I could be walking away from someone, they grab the back of my collar, then I turn around and viola, in EBS #6 position.

    I also wonder about Ap Eue Bok Soo 13 and 14... who would grab you like that? Talking about it in class one day we thought it might happen in the heat of a fight... like someone was on the ground (maybe kneeling and tilted forward a bit) trying to fight back, reaches out, grabs you and that's how the grab goes. That is, might not happen often, but can happen. But then, is the technique learning some specific action-reaction, or more about learning the concept (e.g. the lock, the body mechanics, etc.). :)
  11. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    As for what I'm working on.

    Technically I'm done with my under-black belt curriculum, so Dahn Doh Mahk Ki is my "current/last" set. So really, I'm working on every set from KBS to DDMK. But if there's any set that I currently like to work more than any other, it's KBS. I also find I'm falling back in love with Maek Chi Ki and Maek Cha Ki. And DDMK has been really fun because I've been finding that it's a nice set to kinda "end on" because at least to me it feels like it's a culmination of everything learned so far; brings together many concepts and techniques from prior sets.

    I'm working on refinement. Ensuring I have the techniques down, taking things from one set and applying it in other sets (e.g. angles, locks, pressure points, etc), and trying to work a little more "full on" than with too much partner cooperation. Cooperation is nice to get the basics down, but I need to move beyond that. It's just been really frustrating for me to find a partner I can work "full on" with... not everyone is at the same level, desire, or ability (typically old nagging injuries or "old age" or whatever). I want to take my training to another level, but when you need someone else to help you get there and can't find that partner it's frustrating. :bang:
  12. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Aside from the other answers you've already received... another layer of women's self-defense, trying to unbuckle a belt... or remove a shirt? The overhand grab like #10 and #11 certainly more likely, but not necessarily the only way. Of course by then you're already several failures into a bad day scenario, but I wouldn't want to limit myself to 1- or 2-fault tolerance.
  13. ember

    ember Valued Member

    my set

    Gun dae ryun 2-4. Continuing to work on ki bon bon, I got the rest of them last week, but I still have to think about them. Need more practice.
  14. KSW88

    KSW88 Valued Member

    Very cool, its nice to see such an array of technqiues, from Ki Bon Soo to Ki Bon Bon and the 3rd degree sets.
  15. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    Yes but this is the abstract concept. I am looking for specific examples. For example it seems quite natural to grab the belt from behind to rein someone in for a bearhug.

    Palm down on the front you could attack by also grabbing the cuff of the pants leg and giving a sharp yank, as in Baek Pahl Ki Hyung.

    emberKSW, you've got a point. Palm down could be on the belt with palm up on the shirt just above.

    But why underhand grab?

    Holding the person still for a knife attack seems plausable. But the knife would be my concern.

    I would never have thought of putting a wallet there. Then again, the buckles on my belts are non-existant or very small.

    Another possibility is to grab right hand on belt, left hand on shoulder area and forcibly drag the person backward. But it seems in this scenario that the attacker would have to be much larger/stronger than the defender.
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  16. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    It helps when riding motorcycles(sportbikes) to put it there, bc it hurts to put it in the back pocket, also I don't like to put it in a jacket pocket(sometimes they fall out, or the zipper "travels" open).
  17. Ferran

    Ferran Valued Member


    There are jackets with 'inverted' zippers, so they open upwards.
  18. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    Grabbing you to lift you? That is, hook one hand underhanded to the belt, then their other hand would come over your shoulder... as if you lift you to body slam you.

    I don't know, seems kinda contrived or rare.

    I'm having a hard time thinking of a situation, but again I fall back to saying that perhaps it's not about teaching specific reaction for specific action (tho certainly it is that to a degree). It's perhaps more about teaching a concept, like the pressure point on #12, or disruption of balance on #13 (13 is almost a mirror image of KBS #9). Or maybe it's little more than trying to be complete, like "OK, we covered an overhand grab to the belt, now we have to consider underhand grab too to ensure we have our bases covered." *shrug*

    Maybe a question for Kuk Sa Nim next time you see him. :)
  19. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    That's why you should ride a cruiser, with saddlebags. :cool:
  20. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    Maybe when I get old, like 90 or so. :D

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