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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Joe karate, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. Joe karate

    Joe karate New Member

    So where are all the Kempo practitioners. What style do you study and what rank? How does your particular style work. I have heard of styles that were kempo although the theory was different.. ie preffered range.

    I'll start. I'm a Green belt w/brown stripe(brown is next)
    Shaolin Kempo prefers to be very close and to stay close. All kicks are low, but there are always exceptions. Hands play a huge role, striking is almost always done with standing grappling done later on. Locks are taught but mostly any grappling is standing and usually used to set up for another strike.
    The system blends circular with linear motion, often changing one form into another.
  2. Thomas Vince

    Thomas Vince New Member

    All ranges of defense are important...
    There are four ranges of combat or ( four stages of range ) that are considered in Ed Parker's Kenpo:
    1. Out of Contact
    2. Within Contact
    3. Contact Penetration
    4. Contact Manipulation.
    These all refer to Dimensioanl Stages of Action that EVERY FIGHTER SHOULD BE AWARE OF AND UNDERSTAND.

    If you focus on one you lack training and experience in the others.
  3. ninjahonor

    ninjahonor New Member

    I am also a practitioner of Ed Parkers American Kenpo and besides the above stated. The style itself is also based on scientific priciples and physics and such that has proven that it works more then meets the eye at first sight.....I myself am a purple belt and still continuing constantly. I great style I must say.
  4. ptcruiser

    ptcruiser New Member

    Kosho Ryu Kenpo
    founded by the late James Mitose, Grandmaster
    5th Dan started in 1968 at 13, blackbelt since 1973 cross-trained in 4 other styles also.
  5. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Shaolin kenpo, since October 2002. This flavor of Shaolin kenpo eveolved from Villari, Cerio, and Angel.
  6. kempocos

    kempocos Valued Member

    RYUKYU KEMPO as taught by SIEYU OYATA early 1990's , currently
    under an off shoot of his teachings. Also small circle jujitsu and modern arnis - remy prasas
    1st dergree BB kempo
    1st degree nippon jujitsu from 1979 ( OH MAN, I AM GETTING OLD )
  7. mattsylvester

    mattsylvester One proud daddy!

    Kempo Ryu, American Kenpo (a la Parker), Shunryu Kempo.
  8. Razor

    Razor New Member


    Good stuff above!

    I have been training in Professor Chow's Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo since 1992...

    This style is based on striking the vital points in the body, in rapid succession (like other Kenpo/Kempo styles-)

    We also train in all ranges and have roughly 50% kicks vs hand strikes- which is somewhat unique in Kenpo/Kempo.

    Also, the curriculum includes defense against weapons, & multiple attackers and there is also quite a bit of Aikido in there also-

    Hope this helps-

    In Kara-Ho,
  9. doctrdev

    doctrdev New Member

    Kenpo/Kempo styles

    Excellent post!

    I studied Bok-Fu-Do ("white tiger way") kenpo for 10 years, this is a system that Richard Lee developed that is quite similar to the Ed Parker system (Parker and Lee were close friends). The only differences I can see is that there are some traditional chinese, korean, and japanese forms thrown in, and there are high kicks like in tae kwon do. Now I am studying Shou Yuan Shuan ("small circling fist"), which starts students off with the Bok-Fu-Do Kenpo, but incorporates Jiujitsu principles and aikido movements (sidestepping, redirection, etc.), I'm very pleased with the system. And I love kenpo!
  10. Les

    Les Valued Member

    I study the Parker System, under the AKKI.

    I started Kenpo around 1975/76 under Mr Roy MacDonald, in Jersey. Channel Islands. Mr MacDonald is the IKKA's senior instructor in Europe.

    When I moved to the UK there was no Parker Kenpo near me, and so I studied Shaolin Kenpo under Mr Barrie O'Sullivan. I took my 1st Degree Black under him in 1990.

    Currently, I study under Professor Bernie Drakes, 6th Degree Black, of Jersey, Channel Islands. Mr Drakes is a direct student of GrandMaster Paul Mills.

    Inaddition to my instructor, I am fortunate enough to have many mentors in the Kenpo world. I am not a great believer in Kenpo politics, and will happily cross association boundaries to increase my knowledge.
  11. Noodlesoup

    Noodlesoup New Member

    I study Kempo, as introduced by Carl Faulhaber and Gerard Meijers in the 50's here in Holland. It has a lot of Indonesian influences, and therefor it's close to Kun Tao.
  12. Thomas Vince#1

    Thomas Vince#1 New Member

    Ed Parker Kenpo under Grand Master Edmund Keoloha Parker, and Master Larry Tatum. Currently a 5th Degree BB with 26 years of practice.
  13. RCastillo

    RCastillo New Member

    Mine is..........

    Tracy Kenpo!:)
  14. Irish Karate

    Irish Karate New Member

    been studying "traditional" kinpo for 2 years now but we have merged with the akki.
    i am a green belt (not dure wat how far along the line that is in the other styles as they vary i think its the fourth belt in my system)
  15. Irish Karate

    Irish Karate New Member

    dam typo :p
  16. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    Matsumura Kenpo Shorin Ryu...and I just started recently in this art...

    I've been looking all over for online examples of the Pinan katas...but, there doesn't seem to be a lot of photos/step by step stuff out there!

    Any suggestions fellow kenponians? ha ha

  17. Kirk

    Kirk New Member

    Ed Parker's American Kenpo, 2 1/2 years
  18. Les

    Les Valued Member

    Hey Kirk,

    Good to see you.

  19. Kenpo Kicker

    Kenpo Kicker New Member

    Al tracy's kenpo 2 years and no longer have a dojo and taking up other arts. Now I got to a very nice dojang with tkd and kickboxing. We lost our weapons instructor who was phillipino arts (heard we are getting him back /shrug dunno what happened sparring incident I think) and we are getting jj soon. I like what is being taught but I still miss kenpo. I need to brush up. If you know of any good instructional videos let me know. I can train at home. I still have the whole system in a binder but videos help out more. I don't care much for katas at all. I actually wouldn't want to train those on my own only at the dojo.
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  20. RCastillo

    RCastillo New Member

    What happened? Why did you leave the Tracy System? :eek:

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