What style of silat do you practice?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Crucible, Aug 8, 2004.

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    Sorry for chiming in so late. I study & teach Pentjak Silat Serak under Pak Victor DeThouars. I've also learned a little Maphilindo Silat from Guro Dan. I plan on visiting Guru Bob Vanatta in Colorado soon, to pick up some Silat Bledek.
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    I was at a weapons demo yesterday one of the guests was a guy who studies sheik fighting system I believe he called it ganti he mostly talked about the weapons they used. He mentioned their empty hand system was based after eight different animals and he did some stuff that kinda looked like a form of djurus. does anyone know more about this style is it like silat or harimau.

    thanx moe389
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    Sheik or sikh? One, sheik, is a title. The other, sikh, is a religion. I've had a couple sikh friends and apparently they have a long martial tradition and are well known as warriors and justice keepers. The impression that my friend gave me is that sikhs were known as justice and peace keepers when fighting broke out between muslims and hindus in diffrent time periods in India. One of the 5 symbols of thier religion is the blade which they're supposed to have on thier person on all times, usually these days its evolved into a harmless peice of jewelery(like a sikh equivlent of a christian cross). Acouple friends have accidently wandered into park clearings where sikhs were practicing and they immediately stopped. I think in many cases they're still pretty secretive about thier art.
    Gatka-the sikh martial art-websites
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    I study Pukulan Pentjak Silat Sera. We sometimes use the silent "k" on he end of Sera. West Javanese, and my teacher is Maha Guru Stevan Plinck, who is one of Paul de Thouars senior students.

    We are based on the blade, though we don't get to that until our teacher deems we have enough skill in empty-handed work to properly deal with the knife.

    It's a djuru-based art, and my teacher's website is www.pencaksilat.com, for more information.

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    Well I train in Pencak Silat Pertempuran down here in Sunny Florida (although recently it's been hurricane florida). I'm learning from a combination of personal lessons from Pendiri Stark and tape training. I've trained in a few different martial arts (none of them long enough to mention) and PSP is the most fun I've had.
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    Likewise here...and I also would refer you to cimande.com / silatireland.com ballymenasilat.com <- club I attend

    :bang: <- loving it still...makes me laugh
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    I practice the pencak silat styles Pamor and Badai. On our site you can read a bit more about the styles and about my teacher.


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    Hello my name is Rob but my Malay name is Angah

    when I was 7 years I have learnd stepts from an uncle I don't know the aliran.

    Pencak Silat Kuda Kuningan (Pelatih Theo Fermont)
    Pencak Silat Pancasila (Pendekar Soplantila)
    Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9 (Cikgu Azlan Ghanie)
    introduced by Silat Pantas Tangan (Pak Par)
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    Same as Steve Perry - Serak with Guru Stevan Plinck
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    I teach the following styles
    Pukulan Cimande Pusaka
    Tari Kolot Cimande
    Cirang Cimande
    Sera Cimande
    Pamacan Cimande
    Trumbu / Keris/ Kunjang/ Cabang/ Stick

    For more details check out our website

  13. ICT

    ICT Shaolin Malay Silat

    Here are the ones I studied,

    Bersilat Willow system
    Wu Tong Silat
    Bakti Negara
    Huc Chung Kuntao
    Trained & worked out with other silat practitioners and instructors as well.

    There are to many styles from these systems to post here so If you want to know more go to this page http://www.ict-silat.com/pukulan_pencak_silat_tempur.htm

    Teacher: Eddie Ivester
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    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for the SilatMart link you posted earlier. Also, wanted to welcome you to MAP since I've only recently seen your posts. I don't make it to Talahassee too often but I'd like to visit the next time I do. Cheers!
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    I do penjtak silat serak. Pak Victor de Thouars is the immediate teacher of my teacher, and certifies my teacher.
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    Welcome to MAP Guru Liam. The updated web site looks good. Cheers.
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    Thanks for your good wishes. Glad you enjoy the website hopefully trying to get some new photos on it shortly. Best Regards.

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    People are providing links to their teachers and schools, so here's the site for Guru Plinck's cabang
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    I studied Silat Harimau (the Sumatra one, not the Java one), Silek Pauh, and Silek Tuo. I also have some exposure to Cimande, Cikalong, and Sabandar.
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    Hello and salam to all, I practise a family silat that has no name but I also learned silat from the Bogor Bangau Putih school. However I was never a proper pupil in the organisation. I only met the late Grand Master Subur Raharja a few times. He was a very spiritual man, the most spiritual man I have ever met. ... The question about breathing is not one easily answered over the internet. The only breathing exercise I know that can be taught over the internet is pernafasan bayi (baby breath). This is the breath one does when totally relaxed. One practises it by practising relaxation. ... The non technical baby breath is the base on which to learn other breathing techniques. Technical breathin is best learned under a the guidance of a proper instructor.


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