What is your typical MA Training daily & weekly schedule

Discussion in 'Routine Critique' started by Kevin W Collins, May 20, 2015.

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    Try a bit of cuddling and dim the lights beforehand.

    For god's sakes, take off those lumberjack boots - you aint climbing a tree, you know
  2. Indie12

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    It takes an hour for you to shower?

    Hope John Denver is worth it! :D
  3. Mangosteen

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    I'm not going to question your training background despite how much I think it is an issue but having an extensive warm up followed by a long period of chatting is counter productive (you'll cool down before you even start technique work).

    You probably only need a 15 minute warm up including running etc and then you can use specifici drills like some break falls or shadow boxing for another 5 minutes.
    Then you have an hour to do technique work and application (half of this time could be used for increased resistance), 30 minutes to go over any questions people might have or sparring and the final 10 minutes for a cool down.

    Talk about history and philosophy out of class. I don't really care about my instructors "zen inspired lifestyle".

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