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    That's why all the top UFC fighters come from professional boxing, wrestlers don't do too well, and we haven't seen a successful double leg since 1996. Everyone who tried that old trick ended up in the morgue from one sturdy lead hand hook!

    Have you ever even seen a UFC fight???
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    This thread is hilariously bad.

    It needs the Neil Degrasse Tyson "we got a badass over here" meme.

    To me Carlson's quote simply means "if you are a BJJ blackbelt, who isn't also training to deal with strikes, you're in for a shock". It's not literally "get hit once now a brown belt, etc etc". It's a pithy soundbite not a proclamation. It's a comment on BJJ guys who don't test themselves in mma or Vale tudo.

    Merely an understanding of the variability of grades and experience (jon jones is a purple belt iirc!) would show that kind of correlation would never hold up to scrutiny anyway.
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  3. Dunc

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    I always thought Carlson was saying “If a BJJ black belt gets punched in the face, then he should be demoted to brown belt” - ie he screwed up
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    This isn't totally right, (the numbers are infinitely debatable) but it's a good example of why belt grades aren't the binary thing they are made out to be.

    And that's not even taking into account MMA style training cross over.
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    That wouldn't work as a ranking system, imagine chess masters losing 1/5th of their ranking everytime they sacrificed a piece, Big Nog would still be over 300 belts under white belt!
  6. Dunc

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    I didn’t think he was being literal
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  7. icefield

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    As someone who fought extensively and trained very successful MMA fighters I think he knew everyone gets hit in the head regardless of rank

    I think it was more if you haven't trained properly for MMA your bjj skills will degrade under striking pressure regardless of your rank

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