What is the REAL Silat being taught today?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by ScorpioJ, Aug 4, 2005.

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    haha...theres something really magical about someone showing you
    something thats amazing, when you just get blown away
    by something you've never seen before,or you grasping something that
    totally expands your understanding of an art or technique, and its
    great to meet people that do that... sounds like you have a great teacher
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    Thanks for all your replies and links... very informative.

    Will check them all out when i get chance.
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    Even here in Malaysia, one of the birthplaces of Silat, there is a debate as to what or which is the "Real Silat" style...

    So, do your best to train at your best. :)
  4. IndraMuda

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    Greeting ....

    The real SILAT has been taught since the creation of the very first humanbeing ......

  5. Shihabudeen

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    Silat is an ancient mother art...from which thousands of other arts have sprung... Donn Dreager has written the definitive work on Indonesian Martial Arts... and in his surprisingly accurate account he speaks of the 25 sumatran forms of silat from which all the others have been derived... as a teacher of a sumatran style... I'm aware of the truth of his words... yet my ego will whisper the apparent parallel between that notion and all other island countries claiming to be the origin of silat... What I can share is the witness that true pure silat is a dance and comes from God Most Merciful... for me the masterful silat teacher came in answer to my prayer that I be guided to a warrior path from God's own presence... american silat is mostly clueless to the reality of pure silat...politics aside... this is the sad truth... if you look at my other responses in this forum you will not hear what I'm sharing from any of the american teachers... if you want to know about the sufis you gotta find a sufi and ask him... True Silat is a reality which is not yet arrived on scene in america... but it will be coming... so seek and know that in Indonesia they don't talk about pure silat... its not about talking its doing.... the real silat teacher is not gonna have a big title...like maha guru besar baloney foney... he will be a humble man... pious in his faith...not necessarily muslim... but he might be...and he will be dressed in a spiritual presence of quiet power... He will walk with God inwardly and outwardly beware of those who don't... and know that God Most Merciful will walk with Him... if you see such a man... go and sit with his circle... for He will be supported directly and anyone who sits with him will also be Steven Benitez and a handful of others have encountered true pure silat... and can speak therefor of the kembangan... of real pentjak silat... the others who are without the dance...are passing off shadows of doubt for the real thing... and if they ever encounter a real man of power...in the words of my teacher,"They will get their feelings hurt."...

    Pure Silat speaks for itself... it is the divine attribute of Lightning from the Indonesian words sifat kilat... the contraction is arabian in sourcing... silah... which means heart connection to our Creator Supreme of Skill and Knowledge Infinite.. .

    Silat is an introduction to the Infinite... it came through the lineage of the prophets to Islamic India.. passed through there to Sumatra by descendants of islamic caliphs in the 7th century... it is the way of the blade... which all the prophets lived by.. as they were shepherds and carried their staff along with their blade... it was formed through need, and recieved by grace and used for the defense against evil in this world and inside of us...
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    You can definitely find some trapping, locking, and takedowns from Silat that will blend nicely with JKD. I recommend instructional videos by Inosanto's students Rick Tucci (title: Maphilindo Silat), Suzanne Luna Spezzano (title: Majapahit Silat), Dog Brothers (title: Kalitudo), and Ron Baliki (title: Kali/Silat Entries and Takedowns).

    I recommend these materials in particular because the instructors come from a JKD background which impacts how they organize and present the material. Here are some clips:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3r4oXOX_tc"]YouTube - INTRODUCTION TO MADJAPAHIT SILAT[/ame] (Spezzano)
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFPO1zdZb08"]YouTube - Dog Brothers - Kali Tudo[/ame] (Dog Brothers)
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQW7xi4dhq4&feature=related"]YouTube - Rick Tucci (JKD- Maphlindo Silat)[/ame] (Rick Tucci)
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    Shihabudeen, with all due respect, I will have to disagree with you sir...

    I am in Malaysia, a quarter Indonesian, and I have studied Silat enough (3 different styles) to realize that what you're saying is what has kept Silat so backwards for years.

    That type of thinking with a "Religious Guru" at the head of a Silat organization has lead some to really really dangerous actions... Look at the Philippines. I think some here can get my meaning. Their world wide leader had just been killed this past few weeks, if you believe what Obama says.

    No disrespect, but that is totally the wrong way to promote Silat. The spiritual road seems pretty, but most would rather stand on solid ground to protect their loved ones. I am all for peace and love, but your road does not lead there... Seriously.

    I will stop there so as not to get this thread banned.

    Again, no disrespect. Salam.
  8. Shihabudeen

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    one indication of being on the right path is how much that path is portrayed by the darkness and twisted in presentation before others... the powers of darkness will always try to copy and twist the truth... its an effective weapon if you want to discredit something... however the path of truth is also protected and quite simply you will know them by their fruits... a teacher can only take you where he is... so find one who is for real, inwardly and outwardly... he must have spiritual integrity in both areas... if he is not in balance then he will take you towards the extremes...the dangerous ones are known as extremists... because of this dynamic and of them the prophet sws said,"no one goes to the extremes... but they are destroyed by the same.".... There is no solid ground stronger than absolute truth... its the most precious thing in life, it kills hipocrisy, there is no defense against it, it is absolute, and certain, God Almighty himself is the Truth... anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something... I respect your views brothers... all of you and I hope you can continue to respect what I have to share even if you disagree... that is what makes a forum valuable right?... perhaps something of what you share will be helpful to me... and vice versa.... we will always find some things to disagree on... but such is the reality of diverse spiritual stations or levels... they will change but in the midst of truth ... which is changeless... absolute and eternal.... the truth is always the same... .we are the ones who change according to experiences...
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  10. Rebo Paing

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    'Truth and faith' is an oxymoron. Faith is based on a belief, but there is the element of uncertainty. Absolute truth on the other hand contains no such uncertainty, the proof incontrovertible e.g. ironing your hand will hurt ... a lot ;o)

    It is my observation that it's the hallmark of the uncertain to proselytize. Silat, just like anything else can become a crutch.

    Responsibility starts with ourselves (no excuses), not palmed off to some higher order, imagined or otherwise.
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