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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by OuchOuchOuch, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Hello people.

    Quick question. What is the difference between kickboxing and fitness/cardio kickboxing? There is a gym around from where I live (www.velocitykickboxing.com) that offers "fitness" kickboxing class for very reasonable price. I'm looking to pick up something to teach me to learn to strike to complement my BJJ. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Sever

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    "Fitness" or cardio kickboxing is just that - "kickboxing" designed for a cardiovascular workout rather than learning to fight or compete. You won't do any sparring most likely, and it'll mostly revolve around standing in lines throwing kicks and punches, possibly to music. This will teach you to strike about as well as a tae-bo DVD will teach you to throw knees from a thai clinch. There might be some cute girls there though :D
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  3. NewLearner

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    As Sever said, cardio kickboxing is basically TaeBo. It is just moves put to music and a routine for exercise. As such, it is pretty good. When you take it at a local fitness center/gym you will likely see mostly women in the class. What you probably won't see much of is good instruction on proper techniques. They will worry more about you not doing anything that might hurt yourself than teaching you to hurt someone.
  4. firecoins

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    (in a bad Scottish accent done by an American) Its crap! Thats what it is! You will learn to punch and kick incorrectly to techno music! :bang:
  5. Hapuka

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    I used to be in a cardio kickboxing workout programme. If you want to fight join a real club. If you want to get fit join a cardio kickboxing club. In cardio kickboxing class will won't learn self defence and you won't be doing any free sparring. You will just be jumping up and down doing meaningless kicks and punches along to techno music. :Alien:

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