what is silat all about

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    Since I'm new I don't know to much. And since I live cornwall (England) I anything about silat. so i would like to ask the questions

    What is silat all about?
    What's it's Philosophy?
    What's it's History?(if you any)
    Do you have any weapons?

    If you know anything please just say I'm very anxious
  2. Gajah Silat

    Gajah Silat Ayo berantam!

    Silat is a term that applies to the fighting arts indigenous to Indonesia and Malaysia. It is also found in areas of the Filippines, Brunei & South Thailand.

    Silat is more of a 'cover all' term in much the same way as Kung Fu.

    There are many different styles.

    Check out this link. Although not my particular style, it is a well respected style in the Silat community. The site gives a good overview and has some good video clips.

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  3. Sekaralas

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    1/. Silat spans many things.
    It is not limited only to the art of fighting ... as seems to be a popular delusion, having said that it also incorporates the art of fighting. For some it includes the art of alchemy, the supernatural arts etc.

    2/. That should give some idea about the philosophy, also many philosophies.

    3/. It's History is the history of its people. In my case it's the history of my family and my people.
    In Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines it is the history of the local people who lived it.
    In the west it can be incorporated into the history of the people who also live it, by their own cultural definitions ... but they should IMO use their own language and names once they put a western spin on it.

    4/. In the west, people tend to see it in the same way they see Karate etc. There are no set weapons across the whole of silat ... like say the nunchaku in Karate, or the Sai etc. Yes there are weapons, but it depends on the locality as to which weapons are used if any, and sometimes it's not so much as a weapon as an aid to supra-natural powers as in the case of a keris.
    Weapons can range from a golok, a parang, an arit (sickle), a palu, a trisula, tombak (spear), pentung etc. Basically what is at hand.
    In my family style the keris is not a weapon as such, but it represents the soul and aspirations of my family. It is one of the "sumber kesaktian" or the source of our power.
    For weapons my grandfathers used tombaks, pedangs, goloks. I don't use them anymore, because they are not functional for me.
    There is also diversity within families. My younger brother for example, is a pesilat, a pendekar but does not concentrate on the fighting aspect as much. My sisters too. I on the other hand have specialised in the functionality of combat.
    Some people in the west have erroneously assumed that my younger brother does not know silat, but that is only because they have mistaken definitions.

    Walaikum salam.
  4. Silk Road

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    Great to see you here again. I have missed your posts.

    Probably the best silat resources in english are


    and of course Guru Yana


    good luck!
  5. CQC

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    Just my two cents.....

    Theoretically, silat is the Malay art of movement for self-defense or fighting.

    The word silat came from,among others were "ilat" (deceive) and "elak" (evade).

    Therefore, silat is all about decieving the enemy, and avoiding the harm as best as you could.Lethal resolution should only be your last resort.

    To talks about the philosophy of the Silat itself, one should remember that there are thousands of Silat styles in Malay archipelago. Depends on each style, each have its own approach,and the aesthetics values that lies beneath it in dealing with the enemy.

    Why "aesthetics"?
    Like I said just now, Silat is the malay ART of movement for self-defense or fighting.Art is something that is discreet, something that the naked eyes can't see.Yet, it carries the aesthetic values.Everyone can draw, but can any drawing have its aesthetics?

    Every one can fight, but how many have the "art" to fight, thus carrying the aesthetics with it. The difference between the artistic movement and non-artistic is like between heaven and earth.It's a world's apart.

    Its hard to determine the origin of the Silat itself.But Malay Archipelago during the ancient days were among the main sea route for the traders.Something must be going on at that time :rolleyes: .....

    Some silat uses varieties of weapons, ranging from keris to machete,spears...
    while some only teaches empty handed to disarm the armed enemy.

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