What is Ninjutsu?

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by The Force, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Connovar

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    Merely trying to describe a more accurate way for a person to demonstrate the abilities. If thats offensive to you then thats your problem!:lowblow:
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    Yes I suppose it is our problem. <insult removed>
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  3. Connovar

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    Whats with the adolescent insults? Look up the term "Ideas of Reference" in the psych literature and understand I wasnt talking to you.
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    Won't you just knock it off and learn to behave?
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    My understanding is that insulting other posters violates MAP terms of service. So far I have been insulted twice. I have not insulted anyone. So are you telling me that I should start calling everyone names and thus I will be behaving properly?:jawdrop:
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    As has been said before, acting obnoxious isn't against the TOS but if you're trying to engage in discussion, it's counter-productive. Perhaps you would enjoy Bullishido more.
  7. Connovar

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    I am content with letting the mods review this and getting their opinion!:cool:
  8. Ninjor

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    Hello to everyone. I'm new to this forum. I Just wanted to say that in my case in starting bujinkan ninpo taijutsu ten years ago in the begining months there was no sparring. There was a lot of ukemi,kaiten,tobi, basic punches, kicks and a lot of taiso conditioning. I remember the instructor telling us constantly the importance of diet those first three months. Sparring was done later even afther teaching us the proper hanbo grips and stances. He never said play only take responsibility as his instructor used to tell him. I think one must learn to walk properly with skill before one is to start running. I don't think that two months are enough to start sparring. I have trained in other arts before and the classic period is more than three months before sparring. Just my thought. Keep training, have fun and be safe. Thank s...
  9. CKava

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    Because I have an opinion you don't agree with? I've done MA that limit their sparring and I've never considered ti to be justified. I doubt training in Ninjutsu would change my perspective on this.

    Reviewed and shockingly I concur insulting someone because you don't like their argument is not kosher. Insults removed, PM's sent.
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  10. Kagete

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    No, because you don't understand the processes involved with learning Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. I'm well aware that I'm fighting a losing battle to make the world understand that a) ninjutsu and taijutsu are not synonymous and b) the purpose of practicing Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is first and foremost to learn said system, and NOT fighting or self defense. It is because of your lacking experience that you don't understand how sparring in the early stages is directly counterproductive for learning proper taijutsu.
  11. CKava

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    If you say so. I'll add your perspective the various responses I've received from Ninjutsu practitioners about this issue over the years and I'll be sure to note that it is apparently the only real(tm) perspective any Ninjutsu practitioner could possibly have.
  12. Banpen Fugyo

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    Who said anything about demonstrating abilities? This wasnt an exhibition match. He was being shown how to apply a wrist lock. Just like when I was taught how to clinch, I didnt start swinging and moving my head around when the instructor was showing me how.

    And actually, its not about me being offended, because Im not. The problems lie with your posts always being counter productive and obnoxious. Someone told a small story and you trot in and tell him hes wrong and say how he should REALLY do it.

    The second half of your post was added later, I guess because you wanted it to look like you can contribute something to the thread. You dont have to pretend though, we all know you just come in here to cause drama.
  13. Banpen Fugyo

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    Theres plenty of people in the x-kans that spar.
  14. Kagete

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    You'd do well to note that I'm not a practitioner of ninjutsu...

    See, everyone's always confusing self defense training with taijutsu training. They're simply not the same. If you join the Bujinkan without giving a damn about anything other than performing well in sparring or being able to deploy your CCW, well, then it's not the Bujinkan's fault that you don't find what you're looking for. Fighting or self defense can be learnt pretty much anywhere. Seeing as that's the case, I don't see what business anyone could want within the Bujinkan who does not care about learning proper taijutsu.
  15. Banpen Fugyo

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    Hey look, I found a perfect example of what you're doing!:


    Just because you don't use words that are against TOS, doesn't mean you arent insulting or offensive.
  16. Kikaku

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    It's ok. Apology accepted.

    Dude, come on. You have to admit that it's rather hypocritical to be slating the OP's opinion and observations, for the very same reasons you left!

    I think it's fair to say that he came here for clarification and enlightenment.

    Then why bother posting in the first place? :confused:
  17. Banpen Fugyo

    Banpen Fugyo 10000 Changes No Surprise

    Well my story is too long and complicated to get into, but I left after having enough experience to realize what I wanted and didnt want. IMO he doesnt need to be worrying about sparring if he cant even do basics.

    If after he has more training AND after he talks to his instructor about it he is still isnt getting the training he wants then he should leave as well.

    Boredom? haha and I like arguing. Duh. :p
  18. Kikaku

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    What about frustration that a thread has (yet again) turned into a character defamation, instead of delving deeper into the the topic at hand?

    Seems strange that you wouldn't when it's relevent to the topic at hand.
    Then again you have no experience in any of the X-kans. Meaning that your opinion is redundant.

    You're trying too hard to read into things, in a vein attempt to justify your postion and your petty moral high ground diatribe.

    I'll admit that this could have been stated with a little more tact, but in fact what is wrong with this statement? It's true.

    Double standards again...ho...ho...

    Because you have zero experience with the topic at hand, so I'm failing to see just what you plan on contributing. You might as well just say "I'm the mod, so if I want play, I'll play!. It's my ball!"

    AND!? That's his prerogative and his opinion.

    Talk about being a by product of group think mentality.

    Moderation is one objective, unfortunately it’s not your only one. Sanctimonious? LOL! I think you should look up the meaning of the word and then re-read some of the defensive posts on this thread, then come back and tell me you weren't being guilty of double standards and hypocrisy again.

    And all your posts have been irrelevent. What's the difference?

    See, this is why you should have a basic understanding and some minor experience on the topic at hand, before resorting to strawman arguments. You're justifying my point, in that you just LOVE expressing your opinion and flexing you E-muscles at every chance you get. Even when it has no bearing on the conversation.


    Yes, but to what end?
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  19. Kikaku

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    Whilst I agree on that point, the argument is not about having a lack of experience in the basics. It's about the training methodologies (generally) staying the same, without expanding its horizons. Regardless of the practitioners skill level.

    Ha! Touche. I hear ya.
  20. noname

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    Some of the Joryaku no maki techniques from Gyokko Ryu make more sense to me from leading side jabs and tsuki.

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