What is Kuk Sool (FAQ's)?

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    Want to know what Kuk Sool is all about? This is the place.

    Non-KS people: Post any questions you may have about it here, and they shall be answered.

    KS people: Post relevent information about our art.

    Please, no discussion. Should you feel the need to discuss a point made here do it in another thread. This thread is for information only. Irrelevant posts will be deleted.

    For starters people with questions may want to check out the website for the World Kuk Sool Association at http://www.kuksoolwon.com

    Also: Gary Goodridge has NEVER, EVER TRAINED IN KUK SOOL!!! He just wore the dobok. Let it die there!!
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    Ksw Faq

    KSW acronyms / titles:

    DBN - Dan Bo Nim, 2+ black stripes, black belt candidate
    JKN - Jo Kyo Nim (instructor-in-training), 1st degree black belt
    KSN - Kyo Sa Nim (assistant instructor), 2nd degree black belt, EXCEPT where used for Kuk Sa Nim (see below)
    PSBN - Pu Sa Bum Nim (deputy instructor), 3rd degree black belt
    SBN - Sa Bum Nim (intructor), 4th degree black belt
    KJN - Kwan Jang Nim (master instructor), 5th degree black belt or higher
    YKJN - Yu Kwan Jang Nim (Female Master) usually referring to Choon-Ok Harmon as the highest-ranking woman in Kuk Sool Won.
    CKJN - Chong Kwan Jang Nim (chiefmaster), title currently held by Suh, In Joo
    Kuk Sa Nim - National Teacher. Suh, In Hyuk, Grandmaster and founder of Kuk Sool Won was given this title by the Korean Government.
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    Tho certainly not a title exclusive to YKJN Harmon, see YKJN Diane Houldsworth.... or YKJN Cheryl Cherowitz (tho she's no longer with WKSA).<this is correct>

    In fact, there's another acronym for you. WKSA - World Kuk Sool Association, the corporate/legal entity, founded and headed by In Hyuk Suh, that runs Kuk Sool Won.

    Kuk Sool Won - the name of the association/group, which here we often abbreviate as KSW.

    Kuk Sool - the name of the art/style/system.

    The distinction there is there are many people that practice the art of Kuk Sool, but those practitioners may be part of different groups. For instance, there is "Kuk Sool Do" (or perhaps spelled Kuk Sul Do), which are people that practice Kuk Sool, but are part of a different organization. Ultimately tho, that which is known as "Kuk Sool" is a creation of In Hyuk Suh.

    Most of the people here on MAP (Martial Arts Planet) that participate in the KSW forum are members of WKSA.
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    Having read this thread, I'm still not entirely sure what KSW is.

    Every demo I've seen of KSW has been acrobatic flips and XMA style flying splits kicks etc - so is KSW similar to Wu Shu, in that it's an art that uses martial arts forms as a physical display, or is it actually taught as a martial art in an applied rather than abstract sense?

    Cheers! :)
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    This thread hasn't been very successful at what it's supposed to do, I'll agree.

    No, KSW isn't really like Wu Shu. You'll tend to see more flashy stuff in demos because that demos well... usually non-martial arts people watching a martial arts demo want to see things that make them go oooh and ahh, as demoing more mundane aspects don't show as well to those that don't understand what's going on.

    But KSW has a little of both. There are highly acrobatic kicks and such, and those young farts that are able to pull off that stuff, great for them! But there's also a lot of actual training, with gearing towards self-defense. Really, the art is about self-defense (listen to Kuk Sa Nim's talk on this year's seminar tour) and being able to train your body in every way to be able to properly and effectively defend yourself (or others). But fancy kicks... if you can do them, sure, go for it.
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    KSW training

    Most of our classes focus on hyung, sparring, techniques, and at upper levels the weapons. Most weeks, my only acrobatics practice is in falling for the techniques.

    MOST of the techniques I know, the under-first degree curriculum, call for low to medium-height falls. There are several that get flashier, but I'm still working on most of those, taking them slow and low for now.
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    Here is a link to a page that summarises the entire underbelt syllabus of Kuk Sool Won:

    Underbelt syllabus

    And here is a page from the same school summarising the 1st Dahn syllabus:

    1st Dahn syllabus
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    Seeing as it's posted on at least three different school webpages, and reportedly also for at least one non-KSW school, here's the student creed that many schools use:

    1. I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth, or my physical health. Sir/Ma’am
    2. I will develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others. Sir/Ma’am
    3. I will use what I learn in class constructively and defensively to help myself and others and never be abusive, or offensive.
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    official creed:

    1. As a member of the WKSA, I pledge to obey the rules of the Association and to conduct myself in accordance with the true spirit of martial art.
    2. I pledge to be loyal to my country and to promote the development of a better society.
    3. I pledge to work together with all classes of people without regard to politics, race or religion.
    4. I pledge to strive to promote international goodwill and world peace through the practice of martial art.

    here is a good layout of the focus of Kuk Sool

    click me
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    Does anyone have any sources (preferably links online) to interviews with Suh In-hyuk on his early years of training and roots of KSW? I would also like to find a good KSW history link by an unaffiliated writer.
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    How do the "official" KSW books compare with Dr. Kimm He-young's Kuk Sool book? Does his book cover the "standard" KSW?
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    Dr. Kimm's book covers technique only. That is the biggest difference. After that there have been minor variations in the curriculum since that book was published. The biggest differences come in the later sets.
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    I can only compare Dr. Kimm's book to the somewhat recent WKSA books... maybe the older WKSA books are different.

    Dr. Kimm's book covers a lot of history. While the WKSA Volume 1 book does have history, they are different in their approach. WKSA covers a general history that works towards the eventual history of Kuk Sool Won that Suh In Hyuk presents (this isn't to say things are fabricated, just that the flow of presentation is geared towards ending with how Kuk Sool came to be). Whereas Dr. Kimm's history reads more like a Korean martial arts history book. It's tough to describe the differences, without just reading then both.

    KSW_123 is correct that the bulk of the material is the techniques (joint locks, throws, etc.). The techniques that I'm familiar with are mostly the same as what I've been taught and as presented in the WKSA books I have, but there are certainly differences between the 2 books. As well, Dr. Kimm's book says it covers techniques up to 5th degree black belt. Other parts of the curriculum are mentioned, like hyung, but it's merely a page that has the name, a big picture, and a brief discussion. From the preface:

    There's also lots of cool pictures in the book; many are of Dr. Kimm in action, but there's also some interesting historical pictures too from his time in the association. Last chapter of the book is "Competition Rules of World Kuk Sool Championships".

    I find Dr. Kimm's book a good one to have. There's insights and interesting bits that come from it, no question.
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    Wow! Thanks for the excellent replies. Someday I'd like to add that one to my library (along with all of Dr. Kimm's books) although at the price you pay (for quality in my opinion) it'll be a while. I do have the Hapkido I, which is a wonderful book and a "must" for a Hapkido library. I have heard though that much of the material covered in the Hapkido I , Hapkido II and Kuk Sool books are very similar. Anyone read all three (or even two)?
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    Getting to know you

    Again, just a selection of threads I've picked out, YMMV. I was asked recently about "soft" threads, so here's a selection. I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon, but at least by putting these in one place, I don't have to be the one bringing them back up.

    (Fun stuff is next... when I can get to it.)

    Why are you in kuk sool?

    Split: Why did/do you want your KSW black belt??????

    Target 2006

    What technique set are you working on?

    Favorite techniques?

    Hardest thing you've evr done in a testing.

    Favorite / best KSW weapon?

    what kuk sool master?

    What does Kuk Sool and training mean to you?

    perfect school

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