What is "Internal MA"?

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by alister, Dec 1, 2005.

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    You did what now? I'm sorry I just can't take anything like this seriously.
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    fused his/her organs using golden water. pay attention!

    Surely Shaolin is by definition not in the Wu Dang family.
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    Which planets? I was going to suggest that you are inspired by Saturn, but upon reflection it would appear your ideas clearly originate from Uranus
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    Even better-there's really no such thing as the Wu Dang family.

    There IS Wu Tang Clan,tho'....
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    They ain't nuthin to......

    ....never mind
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    Cheers - half chewed pizza stuck in my keyboard... :mad:

    It's funny - the training I received taught me how to apply solid body mechanics to the task of inflicting pain and injury to another person, whilst also strengthening and maintaining my body.

    Hey ho, horses for courses and all that... :rolleyes:
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    The Nine level Of Adsorbing Cosmic Energy

    The Nine level Of Adsorbing Cosmic Energy

    2. The Other Plants
    3. Constellations
    4. Big Dipper (Yang Visible Stars)
    5. Big Dipper (Yin Visible Stars)
    6. Group of Pole Stars
    7. Five Great Stars
    8. The Triple One
    9. The Void
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    Open Energy

    The effects of stellar energies on humans are real, just as the radiation from the sun (which is also a star) is real. Each day of a person's life reflects a continuing need to absorb energy these energies from the earth and stars which nourishes the organs, glands, senses, soul, and spirit of a human being.

    Golden water refers to the saliva (which the Taoists traditionally refer to as the Jade Nectar or the Water of Life) by rolling the tongue in the mouth. When you have accumulated a good amount, swallow the saliva and direct it with the mind down towards the Tan Tien region. Be aware of the pulse at the Tan Tien and focus the mind on it. As the region starts to heat up. let warmth radiate out, extending back toward the kidneys and pulsing down toward the sensual organs. Enjoy this pulsing feeling as the red dot or Chi ball at the Tan Tien expands and contracts rhythmically.

    One should begin by studying the internal organs and glands. When problems exist within the organs, certain emotions may arise. When someone is sick or weak in the lungs, the emotion of sadness or depression may occur. Overheating or congestion of the liver can cause anger or moodiness. Weakness in the liver can cause a drop in productivity and a lack of control and balance. When the heart overheats, it can cause impatience, hate, and cruelty to arise. Weakness in the spleen, stomach, or pancreas can produce worry, anxiety, and a lack of stability. Weakness in the kidneys can cause fear and a lack of willpower and ambition. So it is important to fuse your internal organs to keep them strong.
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    I think I'm going to need my tin foil hat and my aluminium crotch.
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    Chinese martial arts styles

    In contemporary China, Chinese martial arts styles are generally classified into two major groups: Wudang (Wutang), named after the Wudang Mountains, and Shaolin, named after the Shaolin Monastery.Wudang quan (Wutang chuan; Chinese: 武当拳; pinyin: Wǔdāng Quán; Wade–Giles: Wu3-tang1 Ch'üan2) translates as "Wudang fist." Whereas Shaolin includes many martial art styles, Wudangquan includes only a few arts that utilize the focused mind to control the waist, and therefore the body; this typically encompasses T'ai chi ch'uan, Xing-Yi chuan and Bagua zhang, but must also include Baji chuan and Wudang Sword. Although the name Wudang simply distinguishes the skills, theories and applications of the "internal arts" from those of the Shaolin styles, it falsely suggests these arts originated at the Wudang Mountains. The name Wudang comes from a popular Chinese legend which incorrectly purports the genesis of Tai chi chuan and Wudang Sword by an immortal, Taoist hermit named Zhang Sanfeng who lived in the monasteries of Wudang Mountain.
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    The Internal Energy of the Body

    When the umbilical cord is cut and we start to breathe, Chi or internal energy is stored within our bodies, just like the charge of a battery. In Taoist physiology, the Original Chi is stored in the space between the navel, the kidneys, and the sexual center, sightly above the pelvic area. During every moment of every day we draw on this Chi for combustion of energy from external sources, such as food, air, and energies from the earth, moon, sun, and stars.

    The process is similar to the electrical system in a car, which depends on the battery to initiate its operation, The spark from the battery, combined with air and fuel, produces internal combustion. The force of the combustion powers the engine, which, in turn, runs the car. After ignition has been achieved and the engine is running, the battery is no longer required to produce the spark because the generator or alternator takes over to maintain the current.

    The generator then restores any lost charge back to the battery. When the batter is in good condition it can be recharged continually, just as our internal energy can be replenished with energy indirectly with Chi taken from the vital organs, food, and air, or directly through any of the three major forces.

    Original Chi can escape the body in many ways, such as excess talking, working, reading, day dreaming, or sexual activity. In other words, we deplete out our internal energy when we don't use our senses and sexual energy in the proper way. Taoists regard sexual energy as a major part of the cultivation of internal energy.
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    For non believers

    That just to show you that all what I say is documented and real.
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    No, that doesn't count as proof of anything.
    It only shows that you can copy and paste text from other sources.
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    I thought that this was a discussion about internal energy?
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    If you think that I am wrong, then tell me, how move, store, and absorb/collect and use internal energy. Dan of Midway Tai Chi Society.
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    I think you are thinking of mitochondria, which act as the power source for cells. A Level biology was a long time ago though. I think you could learn a lot from western science and maybe forget about hocus pocus mystical energy
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    You cannot store unicorn poop because it doesn't exist

    You can probably extrapolate the remainder of the answer from that premise
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    rhunter25911, if you're going to just copy and paste from other sites, then you must cite your sources.
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    The title of Dan is an important one so you must know, the internal alchemy process of internal energy and movement. If I was a student of your at Tai Chi Society how would you teach me this process? Or What is the Process?

    What type of internal martial art do you know and practice? What part of the development of internal energy are you afraid of. So the talk about this community being open minded are just a bunch of meaningless words.

    What about the development of internal energy are you nervous about?

    Your fear comes form your organs energy being weak! You must increase your bodies PSI.

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