What is Hainan Kung Fu

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  1. boi_83

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    Does anyone have any information on Hainan Kung Fu.
    Is it considered easier to learn compared to the other Southern Chinese kung Fu, especially for someone with poor memory and hand leg cor ordination.
  2. querist

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    Hainan is an island

    Hainan is an island off the southern coast of China. It's a resort area mostly. I don't know much about the local style of Kung Fu, but maybe the information that it's a southern island may be helpful in your quest to learn more.
  3. Ben Gash CLF

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    Looks like Hung Gar crossed with Taizuquan. Don't really see how it's any easier to learn than anything else, and from their website they clearly know very little about Choy Li Fut.
  4. Hainan Kung Fu

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    Hi here's a brief history of Hainan Kung Fu of Nanyang. Link removed.
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    Welcome to MAP.

    I'm afraid that we don't allow links back to personal sites and would rather encourage text is posted directly onto MAP.

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