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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Rand86, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Rand86

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    Standing Roll-outs (Assisted) 8x3

    My ab wheel is old and arthritic. Oh well...

    Note to self - chins and dips BEFORE roll-outs!!! :bang:

    Conditioning tomorrow. Was supposed to be done today but things kept coming up. Maybe it's time to get re-acquainted with a deck of cards...
  2. Rand86

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    Been a while, huh?

    I'm still training capoeira, albeit with a different group. Everything else was kinda fitted in around it, mostly depending on how much I couldn't move the day after.

    Anyway, since I seem to be getting my groove back - more or less - I figured I might as well resurrect this here log.

    Clean and Jerk x2 w/43 kg

    As many as possible in 10 minutes (12+2; timer ran out on the mid-seventh set)

    Shoulder Squat 2x10 (left and right) w/ 40 kg

    Shoulder, sqat, switch sides, repeat.

    DB Rows/Blast Strap Push-ups 2x10 (43 kg on rows)

    Row on both sides, do push-ups, repeat. My favorite upper body combo.

    Assisted GHRs 5x3

    I forgot how much fun these are. For a given value of "fun" that is.

    Oddly enough, squats seemed to disagree most with pushups and rows. I'd expected GHRs to be affected but they felt surprisingly strong. Oh well...
  3. Fish Of Doom

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    *rolls around*
  4. dormindo

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    Glad to see you back, Rand!
  5. Seventh

    Seventh Super Sexy Sushi Time

    Welcome back mate!

    What's a "GHR"?
  6. Rand86

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    Glute Ham Raise which I affectionately call Great Hamstring Ruiner. Am I not the very personification of wit?

    ... I'll get me coat, just gimme a sec.

    DB Snatch 5x2 w/ 43 kg

    For a moment I toyed with the idea of doing another 10-minute medley but then my self-preservation instinct kicked in.

    Neutral Grip Pullups/Headstand Pushups 4x4

    Current favorite upper body combo no. 2; my pullup count at the moment is ****-poor but I WILL get it up to scratch.

    Reverse Lunges x30 in as few sets as possible w/ 30 kg.

    May try Bulgarian Split Squats next time.

    Body Levers (a. k. a. Dragon Flags *yuck*) 1 quality set (9)

    I'm going to do several sets of six next time, just to see how it goes.
  7. Rand86

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    Right, right, right. Still training, just keep forgetting to update the damn thing. :bang: My current schedule looks like this:

    Workout A*:

    Clean and Jerk x2 with 43 kg - focusing on adding sets as often as I can. I'll see about adding weight once I can hit ten sets in as many minutes

    Assisted Glute-Ham Raises x3 - ditto

    DB Rows/Blast Strap Pushups or Dips 3x max sets - dips are an idea I got into my head recently. We'll see how it pans out

    Assisted Pistols - ladder 5-4-3-2-1

    Workout B:

    Snatch x2 with 43 kg - same deal as with clean and jerk, basically

    Neutral Grip Pullups/Headstand Pushups x4 - as many sets as possible. Been toying with dropping the reps back to three and seeing how many sets I can squeeze out.

    Reverse Lunges with around 30 kg 3x max sets

    Dragon Flags x6 - and yes, I will film myself doing these one of these days. For the sake of posterity if nothing else.

    *For some reason, I think the whole A/B thing is a bit pretentious. Then again, nobody's ever accused me of being too classy. :p

    It goes something like this

    Monday: Workout A
    Tuesday: Capoeira
    Wednesday: Conditioning... every now and again
    Thursday: Workout B
    Friday: Capoeira
    Saturday: Conditioning, stretching, general messing about, and so on and so forth.
    Sunday: Rest

    Capoeira practice squeezed in here and there throughout the day.

    I've gotten to the point where classes no longer leave me completely drained so I need to get more dilligent about conditioning. Being well-rounded is all well and good but I think I'll pass for now. :hat:

    Today was workout B:

    6x2 Snatch
    4x4 Pullups/HeSPU
    8/7/7 Lunges
    2x6 Dragon Flags

    Snatches were supposed to be as many as possible in ten minutes. Couldn't find my groove at all; might have gotten too ambitious.

    Pullups/HeSPU felt like crap at first but went pretty well.

    I actually took last week off from lower body work (GHR notwithstanding), as my knee has been feeling slightly wonky. With that said, lunges went pretty well.

    I was completely shot by the time I got to the flags, managed two sets and called it a day.

    So yeah, not the most brilliant showing but hey - onwards and upwards
  8. Rand86

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    Let's keep it running.

    Capoeira today; the classes are pretty vigorous and the place they're held in is crazy small so I ended drenched in sweat during a fairly cold winter. Now that it's getting warmer... yeesh, better not to think about it.

    We've been running benguela stuff lately - which means lots of stuff low to the ground. Knee hs been grumbling a bit, but as long as I don't muck up the technique I manage.

    I seem to be making my way towards macaco slowly but surely, which is nice; somewhere along the way I seem to have gotten a fairly good hand of no-handed cartwheel. Also, I am becoming increasingly convinced that the answer to all technical problems is "elbows closer to the body."
  9. dormindo

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    Good work, Rand! Be careful and kind to your knees and all will be well. You do realize that once you do have macaco down, you'll have to join the capoeira internet meme and post a video of yourself doing macaco in your backyard/on the beach on youtube.:)

    I think I did ask this before, but how often does your group have rodas/rodinhas?
  10. Rand86

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    Ha! Not to say I didn't try, but the less said about my attempts the better. :whistle:

    I actually changed groups in February - turned out there was more than one school running in town - but it;s still the same deal, i. e. roda at the end of every class. If we do some particularly long complex sequence we will then have a training roda to get a feel for it. I don't know how typical that is, though I may have some more data samples soon. ;)
  11. dormindo

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    Cool. How're you liking the new group so far?
  12. Rand86

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    The single biggest problem I have is nomenclature - following the time-honored tradition half the techniques have different names than the ones I know already. you'd think having one set of names for things would only be of benefit to everybody but apparently nooo...

    Otherwise it's pretty much the same as my old school which means I'm having a blast training and playing.

    Anyway, spent half a day yesterday digging up a garden and didn't really feel up to much afterwards. Back at it on Monday!
  13. Rand86

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    Clean and Jerk 7x2 (43 kg)

    I had to fight a bit on the last two sets but got them all the same.

    Assisted Glute Ham Raises 5x3


    My posterior chain is going to love me.

    DB Rows (47 kg)/Blast Strap Dips 8/6; 8/6; 7/5

    Dips were done dead-stop style, which is a fancy way of saying I started them off the floor. The great advantage of blast strap is that you can't really use leg drive, as you end up swinging like a monkey on a sugar rush. We'll see how it goes with these.

    Assisted Pistols 5-4-3-2-1

    I need to do a longer ladder.

    No class tomorrow due to a holiday. Maybe I should finally get some conditioning done... :thinking:
  14. Rand86

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  15. Rand86

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    Weeeell, so far my long weekend's been mostly technical practice and goofing around with various BW exercises.

    ... I'm positive I will soon start having nightmares about roundhouses and spinning back kicks. Anyway...

    On a more positive note, the assorted Rand-parts that have been grumbling recently have ceased grumbling and seem at leastwilling to cooperate in further pursuit of the ever elusive awesomeness.

    I've been playing with a wall-walking drill - the one where you start in a pushup postion and walk yourself up into a handstand facing the wall. I must say I like the feel of it.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg--kP10mN0"]Crazy Sandbag + Bodyweight Workout - YouTube[/ame]

    If you don't hear from me tomorrow, this'll be the likely culprit.
  16. Rand86

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    Yeah, right.

    Due to, pardon my Tuskenian, holiday s&c stuff gave way to repelling the onslaught of family members and million and one chores that absolutely, immediately, needed doing. GAH!

    So I finally said "sod that" and focused on technique practice. Some things cleared themselves up in the process, and overall I'm not too broken up about how things turned out.

    We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast:

    Clean and Jerk 6x2 w/43 kg

    Felt heavy and stayed heavy. I only barely completed set number six and decided to call it a day.

    Assisted GHR 5x3

    Felt alright, barring the fact that my GHR contraption tried to saw right through my heel. Oh well...

    DB Rows (47 kg)/ Blast Strap Dips (dead-stop style)

    9/7; 8/6; 7/5,5

    On the second set I got worried I was cheating too much so the midway failure on the last set came as a bit of a relief.

    Assisted Pistols 6-5-4-3-2-1

    I am constantly amazed at how much of a cardio workout these are. Shocking, I tells ya, shocking!
  17. Rand86

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    DB Snatch 7x2 (43 kg)

    NG Pullups/Headstand Pushups 6x3

    Reverse Lunges (~30 kg) 11/9/9

    Body Levers 3x8

    RAWR! Felt damn near unstoppable today, despite being rather hestitant at the start. Snatch snatched, pullups pulled and lunges lunged. I am a thorougly satisfied individual and feel nothing can shake me out of my contentment...

    ... and no, world, this is not a challenge. Speking of challenges...

    Inspired by Fish's recent(ish) forays I spent most of the day messing around with bent presses. I might actually upload a video, provided that hardware proves cooperative.
  18. Rand86

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    Clean and Jerk 6x2 (43 kg)

    A mild slip in form from the last time. I blame a hectic day.

    Assisted GHR 6x3

    For a change, this felt crazy strong. Need to try them unassisted next time (which is to say, without pushing off from the floor).

    DB Rows (47 kg)/Blast Strap Dips - 9/7; 8/7; 7/5

    I ended up nearly doing 180 somersault on the fifth rep of the last set so decided to call it quits then and there. Oh, and that's a PB on the rows by the way. Yay me!

    ... I need to get more plates some time in the future. Anyway...

    Assisted Pistols 6-5-4-3-2-1

    Me and my knees agree - pistols are awesome.


    Finally got my butt in gear and did some conditioning.

    5 DB Swings L/R (37 kg)
    10 Burpees
    15 V-Ups

    4 rounds in 20:04

    ... weeell, it's a start. :rolleyes: I think I got too ambitious with the weight on the swings.

    Capoeira class later today.
  19. Rand86

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    Ladies and gents - the bent press!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UnLhoTvcSg"]Bent Press 2.0 - YouTube[/ame]

    - 31 kg on the dumbbell. I tried 33 but it's just a touch too ambitious at this point.
    - I apologize for any potential neck sprains in advance. Alas, I fail at editing videos.
    - Yes, I do look like a particularly nerdy gorilla; thank you for noticing.
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  20. dormindo

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    Cool! I avoided neck strain by watching the video while in queda de rin!

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