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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Rand86, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Rand86

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    Didn't work out yesterday due to travelling half a country, HOWEVER...

    I'll finally get to do some capoeira today! WOOHOO!!!

    I'll keep you posted, provided I make it out alive. :whistle:
  2. Seventh

    Seventh Super Sexy Sushi Time

    I'm looking forward to it (the capoeria) :)
  3. Rand86

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    Seventh, buddy... capoeIRa. ;)

    Well, it went about as well as can be expected, after the lay-off. I'm in pretty good shape, okay technically - but my ability to play has taken a nosedive. On the plus side, today was the first time I legitimately pulled off a tesoura de frente in the roda; on the other hand, I had to practically run into the other guy at full speed in order to do it.

    Sigh... if everything works out, I'll be back to training regularly in November. Here's hoping.
  4. Rand86

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    Caught meself a bit of a particularly persistent cold that ranged from "mildly annoying" to "someone pass the elephant gun, please." Training was hap-hazard, and mostly included capoeira stuff. Nothing worth talking about.


    37 kg on the dumbbell

    DB Snatch
    DB Goblet Squats
    Blast Strap Pushups


    Didn't bother time it, but it took about half an hour. Something quick and simple to get back into the groove.

    Simple, however, isn't the same as easy. Gonna go die in the corner now.
  5. Rand86

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    Today's workout was supposed to be yesterday's workout - however, having to dig a foot-deep hole through almost solid rock has proven to be surprisingly exhausting.

    Clean and Press (37 kg)/NG Pullups


    37 kg might have been a touch TOO ambitious at this stage, as my pullups have promptly taken a nosedive. Live and learn, eh?

    DB Floor Press

    37 kg x2
    33 kg x4
    31 kg x8

    Not a lift I focus on a whole lot, so I just decided to see how much weight I could handle. Turned out to be slightly below my expectations - I was positive I could get at least 3 reps at 37 kg. Oh well...

    Let's just say that, for various reasons, I'm not currently at my best mentally. Hopefully however, by the same time next week some things will have cleared themselves up and I will be back at it with renewed energy.
  6. Rand86

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    In good news, I finally managed to make my way to capoeira class I'd wanted to go to for a while now. It was fun and exhausting.

    In bad news, I managed to fall badly from one exercise and tweak my finger. Right now one of the knuckles is about the size of a walnut and barely bends past 90 degrees.

    Sigh... looks like training will be limited for at least the following week. Good going, me!
  7. nekoashi

    nekoashi Valued Member

    Speedy recovery. I hate injuries, but they do come with the territory.
  8. Seventh

    Seventh Super Sexy Sushi Time

    Man that sucks, but you gotta give yourself the credit of pushing forwards and persisting. Just make sure you do that in a safe way though :)

    Wish you a speedy recovery, and sorry about the misspelling. :)
  9. Rand86

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    A week, hey?

    Well, I at least tried to do random calisthenics here and there. But I'm a creature of habit - if I don't have a plan locked down and cast in stone, I'll probably end up doing nothing.

    Add to it a crazy schedule, bit of autumn blues and yet another lingering cold (sheeeesh...) and, well, I am as you see me.

    Well, enough is enough.

    DB Snatch 6x3 w/37 kg

    DB Reverse Lunges, dumbbell in the goblet position 3x max (8, 8, 6) w/ 31 kg

    HeSPU/NG Pullups 2x4

    People rave about supersetting pullups and headstand pushups, but it's never done anything for me. Chins and dips, any day.

    Having said that, I forgot how much I love headstand pushups. Need to get back to doing them regularly.

    So, with that, I'm back - for now at least.
  10. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter

    I'm exactly the same. I have to have a weekly workout schedule or I'm likely to skip sessions.
  11. Rand86

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    Clean and Jerk 5x2 w/ 41 kg

    Goblet Squat 3x max (12, 10, 10) w/ 43 kg

    BS Pushups x10
    DB Row x8 w/ 43 kg

    Roll over, count the stars, realize you're looking at the ceiling.
  12. Rand86

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    12 minutes on a stationary bike

    10 minutes of:

    60 seconds AFAP
    60 seconds slow and steady

    30 seconds AFAP
    30 seconds slow and steady

    Properly speaking I should to the latter five times, but after the second round I nearly fell off the damn thing. In my defense, I think I overdid it on the resistance, and the seat was definitely too low.

    I normally don't even keep track of the distance during that particular bit of idiocy, but today - just for fun - I checked that I'd clocked in 12, 86 km. Not bad, not bad at all.

    I always want to do few sets of pushups afterwards; somehow, I never manage. Fancy that.
  13. Rand86

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    Two days off for travel. Today...

    DB Snatch 6x2 w/ 41 kg

    Assisted Pistols 3xmax (10/10/8)

    Chins/Dips 5x3

    Had to set my feet down between the reps on dips. Not too happy about it, as I had to work not to push off the ground coming back up.

    Sigh... could've been better.

    On the upside, I'm attending cap workshop on Sunday.
  14. Rand86

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    I skipped out on conditioning, reasoning that I'll get plenty of that attending the workshop. Boy, was I right.

    The "Take home" exercise is something that can be charitably called a burpee variation, provided that the burpee in question was irradiated and mutated into something big, spiky, omnivorous and growling nastily.

    I might post a clip once I stop being so sore.
  15. Rand86

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    DB Clean and Jerk 6x2 w/ 41 kg

    DB Snatch 6x1 w/ 41 kg

    DB Goblet Squat 3x10 w/ 43 kg

    My abs are still shot to hell. SIGH.

    Decided to do lifts only today, for a change. Seems like it's been a good idea.
  16. Rand86

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    Standing Roll-out to Wall 8x3

    Some chins and dips.

    My abs are feeling weird. :/
  17. Rand86

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    Well... keeping up my not-so-lucky streak, the weird feeling in my abs turned into outright pain the next day. For four days it hurt to get up from the chair. Sigh. It looks to be all gone by now, thankfully.

    Clean and Jerk 6x1 w/ 43 kg

    Snatch 6x1 w/ 41 kg, 1x1 w/ 43 kg

    Goblet Squats 3x8 w/ 47 kg

    I might try for more reps in the snatch with 43 kg, since it felt really freaking easy. Efortless even. I had to double- and triple-check whether I haven't taken plates off by mistake. Well, some good came out from that lay-off at least.
  18. Rand86

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    Standing Roll-outs/Chin-ups/Dips


    Still taking it a bit easy, but everything seems to be in working order.
  19. Rand86

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    Unscheduled rest day today, in addition to yesterday's scheduled one.

    Had to move some furniture, and as a result my lower back is more or less shot right now. On a more positive note, looks like 43 kg snatch is here to stay.
  20. Rand86

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    Clean and Jerk 8x1 w/43 kg

    Snatch 8x1 w/43 kg

    Woot woot!

    Goblet Squat 2x10 w/43 kg


    In my defense, my legs were shot to hell.

    I spent my time off GTG'ing (spit!) the snatch. As a result, I think I might conceivably go higher there. Wait and see, wait and see...

    Hopefully I'm back on track. Hopefully.
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