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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Rand86, Sep 5, 2011.

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    All that matters...

    Stones, atlas stones?
  2. Rand86

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    LOL, nope. Just bog-standard, garden variety pieces of rock. Pretty fun to work with, actually.
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    Resistance is resistance.
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    What can I say - amen to that. :p ;)
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    120 Burpees in 28:20

    I know, I know - **** poor time. Given that I've done similar number of reps (albeit in 15-1 ladder format) in around 16 minutes, rest assured I'm NOT pleased with myself.

    Here's what the original plan looked like:

    Rand's Randomized Burpee Workout

    (Get it? GET IT? RANDomized! Tee hee, ain't I a stinker?

    *crickets chirping*

    *tumbleweed rolling by*

    Sigh... everyone's a critic these days. Anyway...)

    Stuff you need:
    -six-sided dice
    -a timer
    -something to keep track of your progress
    -some water
    -a comfortable bit of floor. Trust me on that one.

    1. Roll a dice three times. Multiply the number by ten.
    2. If it's less than 100, roll twice more.
    3. If it's still less than 130, roll once more.
    4. Partition the total reps however you like. However DON'T stop - unless you PHYSICALLY can't keep going - until the cluster is finished. Strive at least for one rep more at any time.
    5. You can rest as much as you like between the clusters but once it's on, it's on.
    6. You can quit at any time between the clusters but once it's on, you have to keep on going.


    Bonus rule for the exceptionally brave or the terminally stupid. If you end up rolling 180 reps within the first three rolls, roll once more just for the hell of it.

    I rolled up 170 reps. Made it to 120 in sets of 20, then - since I was already doing singles and my shoulder started to feel wonky - I stopped the timer and dropped down on the floor. As I laid there, admiring the ceiling, the quote I've posted in kravi2's thread kept going on in my head:

    Maybe... just today... just for a moment... I actually measured up here.
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  6. Rand86

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    Rest day. I seem to be sore in all the right places so I guess my form yesterday wasn't all that bad.
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    This PLP looks good may give it a try...
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    Rest day. Tried simply getting the freaking dumbbell off the floor and ended up nearly putting my back out. Soreness from burpees keeps setting in in new and interesting places...

    Back at it with a vengeance tomorrow, I promise.
  9. Rand86

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    Okay, vengeance was too strong a word - temper tantrum is more like it.

    Got the lifting portion done, though I ended up dropping the weight to 37 kg and getting eight singles in for both lifts. Tried doing some goblet squats with a heavier weight instead of circuit, just to see how it'd go. The less said about it, the better.

    There's an old joke around here about a pharaoh who had two sons - Rameses and Crisis. When the pharaoh died, the sons ruled together; Rameses since died but Crisis is alive and well, and still drops by from time to time.

    It's not a very good joke but I guess you see the point. Hopefully the crisis will pass soon enough.
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    Rest day. Two fun facts learned so far.

    Fun fact #1: Maculele sticks make for handy SMR implements...
    Fun fact #2: ... but it's REALLY freaking unpleasant.
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    Clean-and-jerked 43 kg today!

    For a single...

    With one arm only...

    But hey, that counts for SOMETHING. Right?

    ... right?


    41 kg on the dumbbell

    Clean and Jerk 8x1

    Snatch 8x1

    Cutting the reps down and not timing it. I'll see how it goes next week. I actually wasted some time adjusting the plates. That's what you let yourself in for, using a single DB handle.

    BW Circuit, 5 rounds of 5 reps in 21:46.

    Rounds 1 and 2 - 5 whole reps of chin-ups

    Rounds 3 and 4 - 4/1

    Round 5 - 2/1/1/1

    I swear my pull-up bar was mocking me by the last rep. But I showed it who's boss and still nabbed a PB there. Take THAT, you lump of metal!

    I plan to get a run in tomorrow morning and finally get around to attend a capoeira class in the evening. Me and plans have a bit of a rocky relationship, so we'll see how it goes.


    Might be just my imagination, but it seems that since I've started seriously working lunges my martelo has been steadily gaining in height. I may actually be able to kick someone in the head with it without having to reincarnate first!*

    *the last time I tried, I caught some poor guy on the shoulder. Caught him very cleanly, though. :evil:
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  12. Rand86

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    The answer is - about as well as expected.

    First I woke up to a pouring rain. Now I don't particularly fancy swimming when I'm set on running so I decided to go back to sleep.

    Then my car broke down on me AND I ended up missing the bus. Epithets have been uttered. Heads have turned. Hopefully, none of my students - or worse, my principal - have heard me.

    THEN I decided to try a new tack on minute drills:

    Handstand Leg Switch :30
    Chest Press w/ 12 kg stone :30
    Ginga in medium guard :30
    Jumping Lunges :30
    Cadeira into Bote :30
    Burpees :30
    Rest :30

    Wanted to do five rounds; managed to do two and then nearly puked my guts out. Not my most stellar week, that's for sure.

    Nest time I think I'll stick jumping jacks in there in lieu of burpees and up the rest to 60 seconds. Arms and shoulders take a kicking as it is, no need to tempt fate any further. Plus, I nearly landed on my cranium during the second interval of leg switches. That just possibly may mean SOMETHING.

    There's another class tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and make it there. Fingers crossed.
  13. dormindo

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    Sorry to hear about the obstacles. Better luck next time and all that. In the meanwhile, good on you for the training.

    Oh, one question: how often does the group you train with have rodas (honest to goodness rodas as opposed to in class training rodas/rodinhas)? Just asking out of curiosity as I'm just wondering how often various groups hold them. My grupo holds them once a month (twice a month in the summer), though is temporarily eschewing rodas as the younger students in the group are being conditioned over the next few months.


  14. Rand86

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    Thanks for the encouragement, dormindo. Oh, by the way - looks like I won't be going to the class tomorrow either. Sigh... the best laid plans of mice and men...

    We TRY to have regular (free for all/play as you see fit - I assume that is what you mean?) rodas at the end of every class. Since we share our training space with some other people it can sometimes be as short as 10-15 minutes BUT it helps people get acclimatized at a rapid pace.

    We actually only occasionally do training rodas - my instructor has a marked preference for partner drills.
  15. dormindo

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    Yep. That's what I meant. Thanks for the info. There are definitely partner drills every class in our grupo, but it looks like more groundwork will need to be lain before going back into the regular roda schedule.

    But enough of this thread derailment. Back to your training, sir!


  16. Rand86

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    Well, like I said, there are no hard and fast guide lines we follow. Some people jump in on their first day - you can imagine how well they do BUT at least they get a running start; some people need to be eased gently, and that's fine. There are quite a few guys - not least among them my ex-wrestler buddy - who are more than happy to accommodate a hapless beginner fumbling his way through the jogo. ;)

    Prerequisite for a derailment is that the thread in question is going anywhere sensible in the first place. ;)

    Sigh... as soon as Uncle Murphy leaves town I WILL be back at it!
  17. Frodocious

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    My advice would be don't do any exercise for HIIT that you need excellent form and control for. It's too easy to lose focus, strength, balance and co-ordination during intense intervals and the last thing you want to do is to injury yourself and have to miss training!
  18. Rand86

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    (Saturday and Sunday were rest days, random bits of capoeira notwithstanding. Sat, however, involved a good deal of manual labor - small wonder when you have a summer house with a hugeass garden that needs prepping for the winter. Meh, was fun anyway.)


    What is it with days when you just plain don't FEEL like working out?

    Something good is always bound to happen then.

    w/ 41 kg

    Clean and Push Press 5x1

    Clean and Jerk 5x1

    Snatch 10x1

    BW Circuit, five reps of each. Two rounds into it I realized I had grabbed the heavier stone - 15 kg instead of 12. By that time, however, my grip decided to abandon ship, so I canned it. I know, I know - winners, quitters, yadda yadda. But hey, those two rounds were done in 6:16! I sense awesomeness ensuing in the future!

    Gonna go prep my gear now. Rain, shine, zombies, rabid grizzlies* - I AM going running tomorrow.

    *no offence, Kuma. :eek:


    The push-press was mostly just to see if I could do it, and once it turned out I could - how long I could keep it up. Switched to jerks when I started twisting my body too much. Still, not bad not bad... can probably only get better.

    At some point - perhaps even next week - I'm probably going to split both lifts and bump up the weight for snatches to 43 kg. 41 starts feeling WAY too easy - a screw-up waiting to happen kind of easy, if you get my drift.
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  19. Rand86

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    A quick peek through my paper log revealed it was actually 21:19. Not much of a PB but a PB regardless.
  20. Frodocious

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    Yay for a PB! :happy:

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