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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Jawo2005, Nov 8, 2005.

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    Probably giving away my age here, but does anyone remember the good ole days of of televised kickboxing matches where they wore long pants and just kicking about the waist. In between fights, Joe Corley would give self defense tips and tell us why kickboxing was so much more difficult than regular boxing. I was just wondering whatever happened to some of those fighters? Did any of them try their luck in K1 or other kickboxing styles outside of the US? I guess the guys I'm thinking about would be guys like Bob Thurman, Jerry Trimble, Brad Hefton and Jerry Rhome. Anybody know whatever happened to any of these guys?
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    Well I know that Rick Roufus got into k-1, but I think by thattime he was a bit too past it to become a major player. Michael Mcdonald (who incidentally was koed BRUTALLY by Roufus) is in k-1 still and is a very good fighter at 40 years of age. But I think youll find the majority of the older kickboxers were either too old or couldnt adapt for k-1.
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    Hey! I met Joe Corley a few weeks ago in Atlanta. Seemed like a real nice guy. I didn't know he went back that far though.
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    What country was this in, USA? I'm in Ireland (UK part) and I'm pretty young, so sadly I haven't seen it for perhaps both those reasons.
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    Jawo2005 - A little late with this post. I just joined this forum.

    Bob Thurman is running a martial arts school in Kansas City I believe. His system is called Counterattactics. Here's a link to his website :


    Jerry Trimble is in Southern California trying to make it as a movie star. He is/was married to Amy Dolenz an actress who is the daughter of Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees.

    Rick Roufus is in Arizona running the Roufus Kickboxing Center there. He's still fighting believe it or not. He fought in Florida and Poland earlier this year.

    Joe Corley is in Atlanta running his martial arts schools and promoting his Battle of Atlanta where he has put on a couple of kickboxing shows the last couple of years under the PKA banner.

    Jean Yves Theriault is teaching kickboxing full time in Ottawa, Canada.

    Brad Hefton is living in Illinois and usually shows up at any kickboxing event that's held in the area.

    Jerry Rhome - I have not heard anything about him in years.

    Anthony Amp Elmore is in Memphis running his carpeting and clothing businesses. Recently lost his home to an accidental fire and had it rebuilt very elegantly.

    Tony Rosser is a policeman in Memphis.

    Very few of these guys tried their hand at K-1. Maurice Smith, and Roufus tried their hand at it. Most were at the end of their careers by the time K-1 came along.

    Any others, you want to enquire about ?
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    I work beside Jerry Rhome everyday! he's a great guy. We working at manufacturing plant in South Carolina with me
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    Hi Ms Brittany, .. My son and I are trying to find Mr Jerry Rhome. We have a pair of PointFighter gloves signed by most of the SC Black Belt Hall of Fame members and we are trying to meet and thank all members for their contributions to SC Martial Arts and would like to have Mr Rhome sign our HOF gloves. Could i give you my e-mail address or other contact info to pass along and ask Mr Rhome if we could drive to him for his signature and a handshake? - thank you Rich
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    Joe Corley once tried to fight against Bill Wallace. It's funny how Superfoot did never take him serious. He always saod, he will kill him like in this vintage interview from Professional Karate magazine: Candid Interview with Bill Wallace (1975)
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