What ethnicity are you most?

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    True, worse though is this object fluctuation to entropy "aging?" and having to experience it trapped merely in three dimensions.

    The whole thing feels very claustrophobic, still, I'm getting to grasp this whole "arms n legs" thing.

    Once I've done that, the rest of you are all finished! :yeleyes:
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    ATTABOY! You show us! :cool:
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    European? :p
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    No, the King was the one to propose it, and since when did the monarchy care about anyone apart from the monarchy. There was unrest in Edinburgh for 10 years afterwords. Touchy issue for many people in the UK.
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    It was voted in by parliment. Scotland wasn't catholic so the king didn't have much say in any of it. Don't believe the Bull that Scotland was "enslaved" by the union of 1707. It was liberated into a new age of advanced trading routes and political power.
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    At that time the official church of Scotland was Protestant, yes. But Catholicism was still huge, the Highlanders and a good chunk of the Lowlanders still practiced, which, of course, we in London hated. As an Englishman studying history, I honestly believe we have treated the Scots and the Irish like bastards in the pst. Is was liberated how? We tried to strip them of their culture, dislocate the Highlanders, and in Ireland we were arguably indirectly responsible for the Potato famine.

    Not only that, but the PEOPLE of Scotland objected, even the parliament objected, the reason they needed to Unify with us so badly was because we lacked stable monarchy at the time, hence the Scottish King stepping in, but we also tried to bankrupt the nation by blockading and banning trade to the Darien scheme in the 1690s' , and more or less succeeded. The politicians in Edinburgh saw uniting with England as the only real way to protect themselves from complete economic meltdown. So, no, I don't agree with you. Us English were real bastards back in the day. Don't be one of these guys who is proud of the 'Empire'.

    Not only this but have you watched the news? The Budget is basically built on taxing the Scottish oil and gas reserves and the timber industry up in Scotland, in the sum of £10bn extra tax a year from these companies.
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    1. Catholisism was VERY weak, especially after the convenanters conducted what was basically religious genocide. The majority of scots were protestant becuase the protestant beliefs in all men being equal levelled the economic playing field. The nobility could no longer religiously justify their social policy of bleeding the dirt poor commoners dry. Catholisism was seen as a return to this world, that was something the majority of scotland who had experienced the new soctland did not want to return to!

    2. Jacobitism was popular in the north of Scotland, purely becuase even from the time of the Stewarts, the North and the West of Scotland had frequently been nervous that they were going to lose their identitiy to anglo-french influenced Scots in the rich and powerful south east. Jacobitism was seen as an opportunity to re-instate the old school ways of the North and re-claim Scotland with a very romantic notion of being "Scottish".

    That and as seen in Point 1, a return to a Catholic Monarch in London would give rise to Nobility and would re-instate the Nobles power. The Jacobite cause was hi-jacked by Nobility who wanted their power back, and it was done by playing on the old fears held in the north of scots/gaelic culture dying out.

    3. You do realise that the "Scottish king", was at that time also the "English king". The Union of two crowns was already well established in by the time "Great Britian" was proposed.

    4. Honestly, I'm to bothered about the Union either way nowadays, yes, a large part of our history consists of Skirmishes to hold of English claims to the Scottish thrown. But, I'm tired of the mis-conception that the Union is something which was brutaly shoved upon us that destroyed the notion of "Scotland" leaving us with scraped knees crying about our "Freedom".
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    italian mostly with scotch irish

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