What ethnicity are you most?

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  1. 7heTexanRebel

    7heTexanRebel Valid Member

    I'm mostly Irish, but some Scottish and a small part French. My mom is mostly Irish with small part French. And my Dad is Scottish and Irish. My maternal family only immigrated to America in the middle of 20th century, whereas my paternal family I'm not so sure about.
  2. Zen Warrior

    Zen Warrior Red Dragon System

    Greek mostly, and some Australian... if I were to go back 200 years I'd be British, German and still some Greek. Go back for enough and I'd be a Norman baron on my mothers side of the family and still Greek on my dads side of the family though under Turkish occupation. That's about as far back as I know.
  3. Ranzan

    Ranzan Valued Member

    100% Norwegian lol first generation born in Canada, PURE VIKING BRUTALITY !
  4. Zen Warrior

    Zen Warrior Red Dragon System

    And Welsh comes from the Celtic word for both foreigner and slave, which sums up the English occupation of Wales :)

    England was abandoned by the Romans, conquered by the Norse but for a small pocket of resistance by Alfred the great, captured by the Normans though later "lost" due to the French capturing Norman territories. Ironically England was never really lost by the Normans, however the French speaking Normans began to marry English speakers due to the loss of the northern most part of the Norman empire linking it to England. and thus through the process of losing their native language became English by default.

    The three most common languages in England over the last 500 years or so have been English, French and finally Latin due to the influences of the church and the Roman empire.
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  5. Draven Azropht

    Draven Azropht Valued Member

    I'm Irish, German-Gypsy, Cherokee & God knows what else... My Dad's saide is straight Irish & Cherokee, Mom's side is German-Gypsy from my great grandfather who married into an Irish & Cherokee bloodline. The German-Gypsy part is funny sense culturally my great grandfather was Roma (gypsy) but was half German anyway. Only in America lol

    Oh and I am blood related to Michael Collins, yes the big man himself... Something I am actually quite proud of...
  6. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    as far as i'm informed, i'm 100% spaniard-blooded
  7. ArthurKing

    ArthurKing Valued Member

    Irish, probably some Scots, being Presbyterian by culture.
    Jeez though, i've never heard of so many racial stereotypes in one thread.
    I do know how to tell the difference between an Australian and a New Zealander though- the sex test!
  8. Zen Warrior

    Zen Warrior Red Dragon System

    fish and chips is another good one :D and for Canadians just get them to say "about"
  9. ArthurKing

    ArthurKing Valued Member

    Mmmm, family pie chart... (apologies for delayed reaction)
  10. God'sGift

    God'sGift Valued Member

    Italian shows up mostly in me. I get Italian from father, French from my mother, and Puerto Rican from both.
  11. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    My sisters been researching the old family tree, and it turns out that we're actually slightly more English than I'd realised. In fact, we can trace some of our ancestors back here to the time of the civil war! (Although the majority of my ancestors did emigrate here at various times.)
  12. oldyonkyu

    oldyonkyu Valued Member

    Like most Americans, I would say I have a good mix of ethnic background. My maternal side dates back to being in the States as far back as the 1790's. My Dad's side is as follows: his mother was a native gaelic speaker from Co. Cork, Ireland and his father was the son of an Anglo-Dutch Englishman and a gaelic speaking Norman-Irish mother from Co. Mayo. My great grandfather became an American citizen but niether my grandmother or great grandmother became "legal" Americans. My grandmother only passed gaelic down to her oldest child (my aunt) as she wanted her children to be Americans.

    On a side note, I have rather narrow eyelids and there was a rumor going around in my highschool days that I was a Chinese-Irish Jew. I niether confirmed or denied the story. Doing MA and being able to write a half dozen words from MA in kanji I think helped spread the rumor. LOL
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  13. Eclectic_Fist

    Eclectic_Fist Valued Member

    My father is Puerto Rican. My line is mainly Spanish and Taino (One of the Native inhabitants of the island).

    My mom is African American, and Native American (Algonquin). I claim to be all three, but the last part is really small, and I do mention that when asked.
  14. oldyonkyu

    oldyonkyu Valued Member

    Now what's that quote all Aboot, eh?
  15. Haggis kicker

    Haggis kicker Valued Member

    Scottish, with a wee bit o' Irish thrown in, here.
  16. Gripfighter

    Gripfighter Sub Seeker

    Is it just me or is there a hell of allot of celts/part celts on here

    and everyone on this who has said they are a 100% this or that sorry to tell you but no your not hahaa plain and simple its pretty much an impossibility after 200,000 years of genetic history.

    as for myself Scottish First, Irish Second, English Third and I think some French and Welsh

    A true mongrel =]

    but first and foremost I am a human being
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  17. TheWolf

    TheWolf Dreamer of Dreams

    Mom: Cree Indian
    Dad: Polish
  18. oldyonkyu

    oldyonkyu Valued Member

    Do you have "Celtic" toe? That is where the toe next to thebig toe is either equal or longer than the big toe. While it is not exclusive to celtic peoples it does have a very high rate in Irish, Manx, Scotish, Welsh, Breton and Cornish people or people who carry such DNA from celtic ancestors. This "indicator" was first noticed in skeletons in early continintal diggings in central europe as well as as in the above mention ethnic groups.

    Side note: in the area of humor, I have been working on a theory that we are out to take over the world as revenge for all that was lost to Rome. LOL
  19. Polar Bear

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    100% badass!

    The Bear.
  20. Taiji_Lou

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    I'm 100% white American

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