What do you think makes a demo good?

Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by ember, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. ember

    ember Valued Member

    As in the subject.

    I know that I enjoy a high-energy techniques / acrobatics near-XMA demo...

    but there is also something to be said for demos of control, like the video of Master Simm's Baek Pahl Ki Hyung.

    What do you like? What elements contribute to a good demo?
  2. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    I've seen one live demo, and a few videos, so I should probably see more first before I respond, but I'm not going to. : )

    I like seeing a little of everything, and not so much of one thing that I get bored of it. some demos seem to try to be longer than they should be. Its quite easy to overdo anything, no matter how cool.

    What would you guys consider indispensable to a demo?
  3. swntzu

    swntzu has left MAP for a bit

    As I've mentioned previously, I would like to see significantly less "straight from the syllabus" techniques performed over and over again and more well choreographed self defence routines.

    Flashy breaking is always nice.

    Forms are ok but I'm finding them less and less interesting as train more.
  4. Mei Hua

    Mei Hua Banned Banned

    I've done and seen a couple.

    What I like are things not commonly seen, rare forms or good sparring sequences, when ever something is done though it should be as near perfect as can be; fluid, strong, crisp, powerful.
  5. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    Well acted, self-defense routines that look like the performers actually worked on it more than a hour before showtime, look at KJN/YKJN harmon demo routines, also if you can find them SBN's Nebgen Demos were also entertaining.

    With Hyung Its ok to do, but there should be a well versed commentator that explains what the hyung is about suchas Crane-on-the-cloud, or Baek pahl ki Hyung. But with that, the commentator should explain either before or after the hyung, so not to take attention of the audience away from the performer.

    All-in-all, I think KS demos should be better rehersed, it looks like **** when people are looking around not knowing what/when/ or where to do something. Also with the resourses that KS has (students), There are people who profesionally edit, and mix audio/visual that we dont tap into.
  6. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    .....and another thing. Its not what is performed, its how its presented. Demos would look soooo much nicer if during sa hyung, they blacked out everything and put a spot light on the performer. Also I hate when the same thing is demoed twice, at the same demo.
  7. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    For self defense demo's I like it when the attacks look real. Too often there are huge gaps while the defender pulls off his technique.

    I like weapons sparring demos. I'd like to see more people get creative with that. It is always nice to see a really good bong dae ryun, but it can get a little old if it is not performed well.

    I like to see hyung demos especially from really talented folks. I find it inspiring when I see someone else make something look easy that I find difficult to do in hyung.

    I like technique demos too. Once again it can quite inspiring.
  8. Moosey

    Moosey invariably, a moose Supporter

    Apologies for putting in my 2c despite not being a kuk sool person - when I see a demo in any martial arts style I like to see the techniques being performed as though they could do some damage. With full commitment and physical control. It doesn't matter what the technique is - even a simple punch performed with 100% is more impressive than back flips and kicks performed "disposably" (i.e. I'll get this technique over with so I can move on to the next one)
  9. Shibby!

    Shibby! Valued Member

    Forms look crap!

    They are just boring!

    People doing weapons stuff is ok, but only if done fast, i hate seeing this slow crap, it looks easy and rubbish.

    What i want to see, and what the public want to see is people flying everywhere and smashing wood and looking like they are smashing each other.

    Well choreographed fight stuff looks good, but its best if the person performing it, can ACTUALLY do what they are trying! Must be done quickly with 100% commitment.

    If they get hit, super! blood is also a great thing to have in a demo!

    Acrobatics is also good to see, everyone wants to see it!

    Last thing people want to see if, people faking like they have been hurt by something that clearly missed and looked crap.
    rubbish kicks and techniques that are slow and easy looking!
  10. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Good! I was hoping to hear from you!

    No apologies necessary. It may be in the KS forum, but I didn't specify KS demos. Anyway, I think demos are another thing that many arts have in common.

    I had a technique demo worked out this time last year, with Coyote and another friend, and I'm looking at reworking it for this spring. Probably end up just the two of us, but I also need to swap out some of the techniques I had picked. So I guess I'm curious what people like, or would suggest.
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  11. Dubu

    Dubu Valued Member

    I dont think forms look crap in a demo. I love flash and pizzaz but i personally i find a very well performed hyung to be very inspiring.

    The higher the grade of form the more impressive though, case in point, watching Master Watson perform at the last Livingston demo was magic. Watching the footage back of me doing Ki Cho Hyung was horrible
  12. SaBumNim

    SaBumNim Valued Member

    Whats looks good in a demo is Kuk Sa Nim and CKJN and In Joo Suh.

    Ofcourse that truly doesnt count.

    I believe just being well rehearsed and having diversity in the demo are two key elements. And be swift, dont drag any one thing out, like nak bub.

    If you inform us on what your demo is ember, maybe we could help?
  13. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I'm figuring 1-3 minutes of techniques, a routine that I could do for next month's Promotion, Potluck & Demo, and then would be handy for the various school demos likely to happen this spring.

    Here's what we had, when it was two guys alternating attacks:
    Joong mak maga ki bohn soo 6
    Dee Eue Bok Soo 2
    Bahng Too Ki 6
    Ahp Eue Bok Soo 16
    Dee Eue Bok Soo 22
    Dee Eue Bok Soo 20
    Maek Chi Gi 3
    Ssahng Soo 11
    Dahn Doh Mah Gi 15

    But I'm more likely to be able to do the routine if it's just Coyote & me, fewer variables. And with just one person, if he needs to get back up in between techniques, that's likely to slow it down.
  14. Bahng Uh Ki

    Bahng Uh Ki Valued Member

    That's funny, because that is what I like the most, slow forms, especially weapons. "Feet slow, hand fast." Some people can do the hands fast thing so fast it is hard to see anything but a blur! (So I like hands "medium fast!") Slow forms doesn't mean "can't do fast." Slow forms are harder, more graceful. You have to make sure you do it RIGHT if people can actually see what you do. You have to use your muscles to move rather than momentum.

    Self defence routines are great too, as opposed to just one technique after another. But either way, I like to be close enough to see the locks, the techniques slow enough I can see the movements, as opposed to "wham bam he's under my control."

    Ditto on the talk during demos: Talk before and after, (people need the background to put things in perspective) but let us concentrate on the demo during.

    I like all demos, from white belt juniors punching, to masters performing advanced forms. Everyone has something to contribute. When all demos are "professional quality" MA becomes something only professionals can do. If you want to be exclusive and only get world class atheletes, that is a way to do it. If you want families to take lessons at your do-jang, get families and ordinary people involved in demos.
  15. PopeCoyote

    PopeCoyote The words of the fool

    Personally, I like demos that show a variety of "things" taught in the program (techniques, forms, weapons, etc....) and "events/shows"? from every level of ability from white belt to advanced black belt. It's fun to see things you can do now, and stuff that you'll be able to learn later.
  16. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    One of the things Texas Tech did in our demo was have a yellow belt do the normal CGH, while a blue belt did the mirror as they were standing next to each other. It was quite sharp, and the effect was very good.
  17. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    one of the best (in fact probably THE best) and most exciting things i've ever seen at a demo was master sun jin performing ki cho hyung! every kick, handstrike, stance and the movement was awesome. it really was a lesson in how the form should be done.
  18. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    Got a video of that?
  19. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    unfortunatly not. it was more of an impromptu demo performed by the masters before a recent seminar. i do know of some pics though, keep an eye on the media thread ;)

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