What did you think of UFC 222

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    I thought Ketlin Vieira won all three rounds but they were close. Normally Cat gives her opponent a wrestling lesson but not this time. Ketlin made Cat look outclassed in that category. And she more than held her own on the feet.

    Congrats to Kenzie Dern for winning her UFC debut but I thought it could have gone either way. Dern won round 3 cleanly but the first two were razor close.

    Brian Ortega put on a hell of a show. Who expected him to finish Edgar? I think Ortega may be the next FW champ.

    Cyborgs win was no surprise. Women's Feather weight is like a paper division. They have her fighting nobodies who haven't even earned a title shot. Will Amanda Nunes step up or keep defending her BW title against challenger like Vieira and Holm?

    Anyway thats my take on it. Whats yours?
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