What arts use bo's?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by craigwarren, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Kinjiro Tsukasa

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    I use a bo and a hanbo in Budo Taijutsu, but that's not the main focus of the training. We also use canes, training swords, training knives, and lots of other stuff.

    In my Tai Chi class, we're getting waxwood staffs -- range in length from six feet to ten feet long.
  2. David

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    Re: bo staff newb

    Wing Chun uses a bo

    Mantis uses longer tapered (single-ended) poles

    Weapons training is often considered as weapon vs weapon. You usually want to keep your flesh out of the fight in that scenario and let the weapon do the talking. Stick are cool, though, so I understand where you're coming from.

  3. Syd

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    Yang Style Taichi as in Yang Lu Chan's Old Yang Style has a superb Short Stick form (I practice this form which is full of explosive fajin, kicks and a great set of moves which come out of snake creeps down goes into a block up, leaping crescent kick and straight into a left right furious spinning the staff in 3repulse monkey's before turning with a back kick and upper cut to the south, another block up and then you do a complete leap into the air and jump over the stick hanging onto the stick where you end up with it held behind your back, turn again with upper cut with stick in right hand holding left hand in the high stalk spreads wing posture!) - which is essentially what could be called a Bo in the Japanese sense of things. It is believed to go back to Yang Lu Chans sons but cannot be traced any further back than that.

    It may well be the case that Yang Lu Chan created this form but this cannot be verified. It probably came about later with his sons when training conditions deemed the Spear too dangerous to train in with the spear head fixed. What they would have done was removed the spear head and then had a long staff form which would have become shortened into the short stick form by one of Yang's sons. The Short Taiji Stick Form is quite rare, and was only ever done by the Yang Shou-hou side of the Yang Family.

    This is an incredible form with all it's internal martial arts guts still intact!

    Best, Syd
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  4. Reiki

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    We train with bo too!

    And I love it, its one of my favourite weapons :D
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    isnt there any common style that teaches the bo because i dont have many rare styles near me (and if they are then theyre trying to hide behing another building or wedged inbetween some tall building where no one can see it) and by common i mean basic and by basic i mean broad and by broad i mean common
  6. Reiki

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    where exactly are you?

    We have a broad syllabus covering lots of MA techniques and have dojos in the UK and Australia [and all over NZ] and there will be one opening soon in LA I believe.

    We do a lot of weapons work and its lovely...... :love:
  7. #1 Stutta

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    Oh yes, you are so right. Tang Soo Do uses the bo. And we also incorporate kicking into it if somehow your opponent gets too close. Then you just kick him away. But, I learned how to fight pretty good with the bo in my Tang Soo Do class.
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    Many styles of kung fu use the bo

    As well as JJ whihc i understand has a two man bo set which is like sticky hands with a bo staff.
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    i had my first JUJITSU leson 2day it wos gr8 we used bos and there big gladiator looking things and i got to nok poo outa em

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