What are the qualities of a black belt?

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by bluekey88, Apr 30, 2005.

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    I did a search and didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I'll put the relevant question here, and explain my motivations/thoughts at the end (so you guys who hate long posts can skip that bit).

    I've been following all these threads debating the minimum age/time in training for a black belts with great interest. In the debates I keep seeing phrases like "so and so under age xx can't possess the qualities of a black belt" or "if you haven;t trained xx amount of years, you can't posses the qualities of a black belt." What I don't see is a concrete statement of what those qualities are.

    So, with that in mind, what are the qualities/skills that a balck belt in TKD should possess? Be specific. For example, "he/she should be mature" is NOT specific...but "he/she should be able to resist peer pressure and avoid doing drugs or otherwise breaking the law" is specific.

    The reason I ask is that I find myself of two minds on the subject. As a kid, I looked at blackbelts like they were in some way superhuman. Many years later, after t raining in many arts and meeting many black belts, I've come to understand that they are just people. I remember seeing on another MA forum a description that seems apt. An older MA instructor was reminiscing about the '70's and how just slipping off ones shoes in preparation for a fight was often enough to get others to back down because of teh BB mystique. Now, one has to prove him or herslef more....the rank is not enough. For me, it's akin to that time as a teen when I realized my parents weren't perfect.

    Now, I still have vestiges of that idea of the BB mystique...from there I feel that being a BB is somehting special and that not just anyone should have the rank. So I question quick rank progression and young BB. BUt at the same time, I see that BB's are just people...with all the quirks, flaws, and idiosynchrasies that make people so cool (and sometimes frustrating) to hang with. I know BB's who can't do all the skills really great, but no one works harder at doing what they do. I know some young black belts (11 years old in one case) with phenomenal skills, incredible maturity for their age...they seem to defy some of my old preconceptions. What am I to make of this?

    So I'm left to wonder just what it is that makes a BB more special...or not than others.

    I didn't post this in the General forum as I'm just curious about TKD at the moment.

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    Black belts!

    Wonderfull acheivements to attain.
    Nothing more then a strip of cloth.

    It is always different for each school, but mostly a black belt is to show that you have attain a level of competency in the basic skills of your martial art.
    You have learnt a lot but there is still much more to learn.

    Fighting skill is relative to what it was when you started, but may have improved a great deal. You might think through ideas fully to understand before you begin, but may still fall back into old habits.

    In general you either see you have climbed high or see how much higher you have to climb!

    (Those xxxx beers are not to bad for making up some dribble! :D)
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    Well what BB's SHOULD possess are certainly different than what they show the world. I've seen black belts that I really thought highly of at tournaments, seminars, etc and then get them out of the martial environment and you see them smoking, drinking, chasing women (when their married), cussing, what not. While those traits may not make a person bad, I wouldn't want to be considered a leader while acting out in public like that.

    Even though I'm close to my BB, I have no intention of teaching classes. I just want to go and learn for my own and my sons benefit. I don't really want to be a role model to anyone else. As far as traits go, heres my list.

    1. Honest
    2. Moral
    3. Physically fit
    4. Doesn't do anything in excess
    5. A role model if in a teaching position
    6. Intelligent
    7. Clean
    8. Humble
    9. Quiet
    10. Un-selfish
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    You will probably find that you are being a role model, without even meaning it.

    If you stick to you list that you made, you might find a few people taking inspiration from your dedication to the art.

    Those that set out to be a role model, are generally setting themselves up as false idols. They will be trying too hard, and be too self concious in class to be a role model.

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