what are chinese kung fu poomse's called

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by anonymousblackbelt, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. anonymousblackbelt

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    hey what are Chinese forms called in Chinese martial arts such as in hon gar or sholin
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  3. Dead_pool

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    Wu shu often calls them taolu, but generally everyone just calls them forms.
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    Kuen translates in several different ways - e.g as fist, as boxing, as fighting, so no reason why it cant also mean forms or sets

    I learnt my hung gar kuen (Hung family boxing) in English - so I call them forms.
  8. Mushroom

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    Kuen (koon) Cantonese

    But like @Tom bayley says. Basically fist. We basically says "hit fist" dah kuen.

    Or when I tell family etc Im off training martial arts... Im off to dah kuen.

    Or even sparring ... Go dah kuen with him. (Point at opponent)
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  9. axelb

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    I also regularly heard then referred to as "forms" mostly.
    For competition they came under "taolu"
    and the forms I heard under mandarin name often ended "Quan" (fist).

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