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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by mekosho, Jul 28, 2004.

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    Although he is always close by, Grandmaster seldom comes on the mat to give instruction, preffering to stay on the sidelines quiet and watching.
    This week however, Shihan is in the hospital having back surgery so guess who has taken over! And what a difference in teaching. Shihan Crisci's classes are always very well taught and there are lessons within lessons and is always kept interesting, but Grandmaster Hoe, a Hawaii native and student of Simon Eli, has a totally different method of teaching, one that leaves you bruised as he is very very old style in his methods, but also leaves you wanting for more, even the following day. To have a man that is 50 years old, jump around the dojo making jokes and teaching at the same time, holding back nothing is amazing.
    Anyways, this thread has no point or question, just wanted to share that with you guys...
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    Sounds like some good times :D

    Nothing like "old school" training :cool:
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    So, what you should say after the lesson to Grandmaster is:

    "Thank you. Tonight's lesson was great. I really enjoyed it. You should teach us more often."


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