Wha Duc Lung association, thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Shaolin209, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Shaolin209

    Shaolin209 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I am in the middle of changing school as i have issues with the sifu i am about to leave, found a local club called Wha Duc Lung, ran by master Bob Weatherall. Club has a strong lineage and i went up to look at a class and seems good, just dont want to leave the club i have been at for three years without checking this out first, please if anyone knows anything about this club please let me know
    Many Thanks
  2. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Seems to be teaching northern(Tam Tui) and southern ("Tibetan" White Crane) systems.As Lok Chi Fu was my Hung master's White Crane teacher, I would say he should be legit in that regards,assuming he studied for a good period of time with him.

    While one can't tell much from reading blurbs,I would say it looks worth trying out.

    On a side note, while the site refers to multiple GMs of Pak Hok, any system has only one GM.In this case, it was Chen,Hok Fu.Even my Hung uncles knew this.
  3. pallen83

    pallen83 New Member

    Wha Duc Lung

    Hi Shaolin209,

    Firstly, I have to say, I don't think somebody of Master Bob Weatherall's standing needs any endorsement from the likes of 'El Medico', who was disrespectful at best; this man has been teaching for nearly forty years and is a highly respected judge and former British team coach.

    I started training with Master Bob Weatherall's Wha Duc Lung school in late 1979, under the tuition of one of his senior students, Mr Pete O'Dell - a great teacher; whether it be in forms or sparring, he was a real inspiration. Typically of Wha Duc Lung, the seniors had intelligence and great technique - quite simply, any gradings were hard earned.

    I moved to the senior class in 1980 and trained under Master Weatherall until the Summer of 1983, when I left Nuneaton. In London I trained under various teachers and styles, Chinese and Japanese, and, though some of the teachers were undoubtedly masters in their art, I never found anything to match Wha Duc Lung. You could say that I was just romanticising those early years but what I learnt served me well in other styles' gradings and tournaments - and I was an average student in Master Bob's classes! I continued to return to train when possible and this improved my training in other schools, despite differences in technique.

    So, to answer your question, I think you are lucky to have the opportunity to study with such a great Master, really - grab it while you can! If you show passion, commitment and a real desire to learn, you won't find a better teacher.

    I hope you find the above useful.
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  4. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Dear Mr. Allen- the likes of myself meant no disrespect to Mr. Weatherall.In fact,it was a pleasant surprise to hear of a non Chinese who had studied with Lok.I would be more than happy to bend the knee to him if we ever met.

    I do however weary of claims of multiple GMs.Systems traditionally have one GM.It's not a rank like a nth degree black belt.It simply signifies the head of a system,and does not even necessarily mean the individual is the most highly skilled in that system.Chen,Hok-fu was GM of White Crane.Sorry if my traditional outlook irks you.I certainly meant no disrespect to Master Lok,either.

    And what do you know of "the likes" of me anyway?If you're familiar with my posting on MAP you'll note I don't refer to people suchwise just because I disagree with something they say.

    Oh,I see you just joined.Welcome to MAP!
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  5. pallen83

    pallen83 New Member

    Wha Duc Lung

    Dear El Medico,

    I hope you will accept my apology for the inappropriate wording of my first posting. No, I do not know you and was overly zealous in my defence of somebody I have considered a mentor for almost thirty years. That is the only reason I can give and I really am sorry.

    As for the GM background information you provided, I am certainly not irked by you traditional approach - I believe a knowledge and understanding of the history of martial arts and different families/styles can only add to the joys of being involved in these great arts and the endless journey we have chosen. That may sound pretentious but I'm sure you will understand my feelings.

    I look forward to reading your postings in the future and truly wish you well. Oh, and thank you for the warm welcome to MAP!
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  6. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Thanks.Well we're all guilty of knee jerk reactions sometimes,Paul.No hard feelings here.
  7. Terry Brown

    Terry Brown Valued Member

    I can certainly recommend Bob Weatherall. I know him from way back (the early to mid-seventies) when we were both members of the old British kung fu council. Bob spoke openly about his kung fu background, as it was at that time, and didn't try to hide anything. Bob is very much a 'keep it real guy', an attitude which I very much follow myself.
    Next time you see him say hello from me, Terry Brown, at that time I was teaching the Beggars Art (Fong Yang kung fu). He should just about remember me :)

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