Well isn't this a surprise

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    Kremlin papers appear to show Putin’s plot to put Trump in White House

    "The report – “No 32-04 \ vd” – is classified as secret. It says Trump is the “most promising candidate” from the Kremlin’s point of view. The word in Russian is perspektivny.

    There is a brief psychological assessment of Trump, who is described as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex”.

    There is also apparent confirmation that the Kremlin possesses kompromat, or potentially compromising material, on the future president, collected – the document says – from Trump’s earlier “non-official visits to Russian Federation territory”.

    The paper refers to “certain events” that happened during Trump’s trips to Moscow. Security council members are invited to find details in appendix five, at paragraph five, the document states. It is unclear what the appendix contains.

    Well paint me bronze and call me wonder woman, what a massive suprise!
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    I can't recall who it was I heard discuss this as one of the few modern day conspiracies worth entertaining.

    Divide and conquer at it's finest. Someone had been reading Sun Tzu I guess :D
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    He is an ex KGB intelligence officer.

    It would like expecting an ex CIA officer who became president for life, of not being duplicitous when it suited them.

    The entire Qanon thing is just too well run for it to be blind chance too.
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