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    Charles Staley


    Fighting Arts Intervirew


    Fundamentals Of Strength Aquisition on Combat Sports


    Martial Arts: Moving The Force-Time Curve To The Left


    Interview with Powermag


    10 Staley Tips

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    Alwyn Cosgrove


    Metabolic Power Training For MMA: (with weights)

    Top Ten And A Half Training Tips For Martial Artists:

    Core Training For MA:


    7 Keys to Athletic Success:


    Interview about MMA Training:

    "MAP Exclusive Interview: Alwyn Cosgrove"
    -By MAPs very own Chris Colluci

    Moving The Force Velocity Curve To The Right:

    -A Lesson in tension and power output
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    Neck Training:

    Warning: Ease into neck training if you havent done it in the past!

    Nobody likes getting KTFO! right? It might be a good idea
    to work on something that will help prevent this. So Let's take a look at how we can strengthen the neck area.

    To support our neck we need to strengthen the muscles, surrounding it. The biggest and strongest in that area are the traps. This is what Ian King had to say:
    Sure he's talking about the appearance of the neck, but wouldnt it stand to reason that this would have a lot of carryover to MAists trying not to get KTFO!?

    So as part of strenghtening our neck area we need to build our traps up. So here's some excercises and links:

    BB Front Shrug:

    BB Back Shrug:

    /\Check out the bottom of the page for more Shrug variations

    Calve Machine Shrugs:

    Overhead Shrugs:

    Dip Shrugs:

    One simple isometric excercise my Pops taught me was to place your hand on a place on your head and push against it. Works with the wall too, just make sure your head is already touching ot before pushing. :)

    Neck Training For Boxers

    Ross Enamait delivers once again:

    Diesel Crew Article:
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    Damn, good thread, lots of information. Nice work! Very useful information, i am gonna look up everytime i have free time. Thanks!
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    this is a really good thread
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    Excellent post!
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    I have found a brilliant resource and would like to recommend it:

    Scooby's Workshop

    Pretty much everything to get you started and a superb, friendly forum. All free, well-explained and straightforward.
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    Agree! Nice posts, lots of information.

    I started weight training in January after being off from Martial arts for more than 2 years. Really make a difference in both endurance & strength. Felt it during the MMA & Jiu-jitsu sparring.
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    I just read through this thread, and good lord... My grammar and spelling was beyond bad back then.

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    Heh heh. Welcome back!
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    Just recapping through this thread again has reminded me of some great sources of info that I had forgotten about, thanks again!
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    Thank you for this great post with a lot of useful information. I recently have joined a gym, and now going to start weightlifting to get muscle mass. I am very glad to find this thread, hope it helps me to start in the right way.
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    Can first-degree scoliosis somehow interfere with my training?

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