Weight training - morning or evening?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Anwolf, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Anwolf

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    Once my body's gotten used to training daily I intend to add weight-lifting back into my routine. Reading up online seems to be mixed about whether you should do your weight sessions before or after your martial art practice. Some say that you should do it after, as it's most important to be fresh to learn technique, but some say if you tire yourself out before weight lifting it can lead to bad form with some exercises which could result in injury.

    In my case the choice would either be do in immediately in the morning, with the day to recover before martial arts in the evening, or I could train immediately after martial arts.

    What would be best? If it helps, I am not weight lifting solely for the purpose of improving my martial arts, I'm doing it just to get bigger and stronger.

  2. Fish Of Doom

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    whichever best fits your schedule, really. if that isn't an issue i'd do the most demanding one afterwards so that it doesn't screw up the other one as much.
  3. Dead_pool

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    In the mornings best so you have all day to recover
  4. matveimediaarts

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    Whichever fits your schedule best and allows you proper rest. I've done WT at all different hours of the day and it made no difference that I noticed. Late night cardio/HIIT gives me insomnia, though. :/
  5. StrikingDragon

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    Doing it after training could lead too late nights? How hard is your weights routine are you crawling out of the gym afterwards or just feeling a bit stiff? Try both and see how you feel!

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