Weidman v Machida Results Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Fight Discussions' started by Southpaw535, Jul 6, 2014.

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    Tyrone ptobsbly won't be getting a shot anywhere. Rory is a much bigger Welterweight and he's not going anywhere. Tyrone is actually not that big of a WW.

    He hit someone who isn't use to being hit.... Doesn't that just validate my point? A lot of people also seem to forget that he hasn't lost a round against Silva at all, and was beating the crap out of him in the second fight. Silva is not interested in fighitng him and rightly so, he's been beaten soundly twice already.

    Meh, that's what everyone is raving about. Certainly Machida has been saying it. He also knocked out Munoz at MW so I don't think he lost ANY power, especially since the cut isn't that much for him.
  2. Bobby Gee

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    So if they give Belfort to Weidman and Weidman smashes the steroids out of him (which he will), what would you think of him then Holyhead?
  3. Bobby Gee

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    8-0 ufc
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    I don't know. If he beat TRT Belfort, I'd be very impressed, but we don't know how much Vitor is going to be affected by its ban. We really need to see Belfort fight another top 5 fighter first, but I don't think Dana wants to wait that long.
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    Like I said when the McMann thing happened. I dislike Ronda's personality. I respect her as a fighter. To do otherwise is stupid. My daughter was pretty ecstatic that Ronda used her favorite throw that she uses in Wrestling and Judo.

    Despite the constant projection into what I and others were saying nobody said she wasn't a good fighter. The question is what kind of sportsman and person is she?

    I still think she has holes in her game but so far she is smart enough to slowly work on closing them. I just hope for her sake she gets out of the habit of letting sub-par boxers hit her in the face as the newly signed Holly Holm who is not sub-par will put her away for that.

    I think Ronda did well. But I think a big part of it is that her opponent is just not of the right caliber. It will be hard to find someone who can be on the level that someone who started Judo at seven years old with a mentally abusive mother who basically abused her into greatness. (I also respect her mother's knowledge and read her blog fairly frequently. But again, you can dislike a person and still acknowledge their skill.)

    Cyborg is making 135. Holm just signed to the UFC but has to recover from an injury. Rousey is likely to end up in the same cursed situation that people like Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. ran into in that there is just no real competition in her division right now. I think a more seasoned McMann or a Tate with a better camp is the only other option other then Cyborg or Holm. Though I have high hopes for Rin Nakai. Another childhood Judoka with amazing strength.
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  6. Hannibal

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    Nakai will be slapped senseless the minute she sets foot in the Octagon - She is a padded and protected fighter that has been marketed to hell and back (successfully I might add)
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  8. Bobby Gee

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    I'm really interested to see how Holm goes in the ufc. I think she could be quite devistating.
    Backing her to get a title fight with Rousey. I don't think she will win but I sure hope she does. I think she'll do we'll in the ufc.
  9. ShadowHawk

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    I still hate rousey. I respect her fighting skills tremendously , but when she.defeats Cyborg instead of maki.g fun of her then she will have my respect.

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