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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Anth, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Hi all,
    You may notice that, as of around 45 minutes ago, we have a Weapons Resources sub-forum. This Resources area, as you may be able to work out, is for those threads that help loads of people and are generally bloody good work.

    Posting rules
    You will see that there are no posting buttons (New Thread, New Reply, Quick Reply) in the WR forum. Yep, thats for a reason. The only way to get threads there is by a Mod (mainly me) moving stuff there from the main Weapons forum.

    To get a post in WR
    The easiest way to tell if a thread is worthy of gracing our shiny new WR area is by my reaction. If I reply with "Bloody good post!" or something similar, you can expect to see it stuck to the top of the main forum. When a thread is stuck, it will stay there for a few weeks (or until I remember about it).

    While a thread is stuck in Weapons, it will be open for peer-review - point out things that are wrong with it (if any) and a day or two before I am going to move it I will shout out for last things then it will be moved to WR.

    Posts in WR
    If you spot anything majorly wrong with a thread in WR, you can let me know by PM. If you dont think a thread should be in WR, do the same.

    Aim of WR
    The aim is to both build up a knowledge-base of Weapons things, like histories, FAQs, reviews, styles etc and to show the new guys the answers to their threads without a load of flaming (you know the ones ;)). If someone turns up asking a question that has been covered in WR, show them the way :)

    I think that just about covers it. If you have any questions about the WR forum, dont hesitate to yell at me :)

    Anth Gaskell.
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