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  1. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    New study suggests that some sort of warm up increases explosive power capacity, specifically:

    The full abstract and link are below, if anyone can tell me what the 7 exercises are I'd love to hear it:

  2. Shaking your booty on a giant vibrator to activate your glutes will always make you jump higher!
    What does this has to do with stretching! :confused: :(

  3. slipthejab

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    Unfortunately the study doesn't actually mention which 7 warm up exercises they used. My guess is the stretches would be all glute or glute-ham related. The WBV platform they are talking about is essentially like the PowerPlate TM type of machine. Which if I recall... despite all the hard sell by the makers... doesn't exactly have the scientific studies to back it up. I remember reading through many of them at one point and the conclusions in most of the studies didn't match up with the way the makers were trying to put it across... surprise surprise.

    If you're stretching is dynamic pre workout I don't see why it wouldn't help you out in terms of warming up and avoiding injury for sports. I thought that was a given... to the best of my understanding you don't want static long held stretches prior to training or sports as the body actually begins to turn muscles spindles off thereby reducing muscle elasticity during movement.
  4. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    God knows, the study compared the vibration nonsense against a GM activation protocol and doing nothing. The interesting part is that the GM activation protocol won which current wisdom says shouldn't happen.
  5. I am very uncomfortable with "current" and "wisdom" in the same sentence...
    When was wisdom a fashion? :confused:

    LSD is coming back to bite the butt of HIIT upstarts; passive & active stretching never left the ranks of elite track and field or elite gymnastics; the same for back mobility!
    As "current wisdom" is born from half assed research financed by the "vitamins" industry, some would have us believe that "sports science" made such extraordinary progress in the last 25 years!
    It has not!

    Health and fitness has regressed though!

  6. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    I guess it depends on who's current wisdom you're going by. No one I know would trot that out. Glute activation is pretty standard in most athletics.
  7. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    I'm curious what you're getting at here... you seem to reference "vitamins" a lot in recent posts. Why the quotes on it... do you really mean to say steroids? If not then why bother with the quotes? Is there an axe you have to grind with supplements?
  8. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    those some are idiots who have never read any papers on scientific research in sport.
    im not sure what conspiracy you think is going on in the academic community regarding biomechanics, applied physiology and nutrition and such but it's always been said:
    Progress is made in the weight room/ field/ mat.
    Confirmation is done in the lab.

    Most research is done comparing different methods coaches are using.
    "Half-assed" research is less half assed but more "insanely complex" and simplifying that research aim is difficult to do with the mass of complexities that come to play in the human body.
    As such it may seem half-assed to you.

    HIIT shouldn't be used by everyone except those who need it. Similarly LSD shouldn't be used by everyone except those who need it.
    HIIT and LSD have been used for ages, just not labelled that way.

    Theres nothing that new about the human body that we haven't known for generations and trained for generation but actually figuring out the processes behind it is the aim of "sport sciences".

    Honestly Old Kyukoshin - i have yet to see you post a comment that has actually been useful or helpful on any thread where you've ranted about "vitamins" (oh great creativity there. i commend you. we all know you're taking about roids) and the inferiority of "modern" training.
  9. Sorry to say, vitamins are vitamins... the R word is verboten.
    I never talked about the "inferiority of modern training" ZAAD; I am talking about the false belief that modern training revolutionized human performance.

    1936 to 2011 showed under 4% improvement in the 100m!
    Better shoes, better tracks, better time keeping and better vitamins can explain 100% of these 4%...
    Of course we know the human body better & can explain the physiology, etc... Outside of elite level, and even there, I have my doubts, it is useless!

    At amateur level, the only important factor of performance IMHO is to have the athlete show up consistently for his session.

  10. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    Sport science isnt wholly about performance. It's really a misnomer.
    one interesting field is rehabilitation e.g. physiotherapy - thats for anyone who's had and accident, born with bad posture of developed it or have been lifting incorrectly (hence why a strength coach with a good understanding of the biomechanics of an exercise is good to consult)
  11. Agreed, you are perfectly correct, I was looking at it from the very narrow perspective of measurable athletic performances.

    Yet, I have a beef with re-habilitation... I know that wonderful advances have been made, and I, myself would not be able to practice today without them; however, PRE-HAB in sports is mostly being ignored at amateur levels (I guess because it is not fun to do mobility exercises or tendon/soft tissue strengthening for 6 or 9 months prior to the real activity! and that the "client" would be long gone to the neighbors that don't bother with all that!)
    Prehab has made tremendous advances and our understanding of it too, yet we do not use it.


    PS: Vit D is a steroid (okay, almost, it is a secosteroid) BTW... and very toxic above daily requirements. I had a good LOL when precise questions about Vit D supplementation came up in a MAP thread recently as I was wondering if it was for the possible anabolic effects of it, or because steroid use often causes Vit D cadences or deficiencies...
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