Warning! Brutal attack!

Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by Reiki, Apr 17, 2004.

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    like most of what everyone else has said here, better 'situational awareness' - without seeing the build up to it though it's hard to know what. Once the attack actually started, little if anything would have helped - even carrying a gun probably couldn't have helped. After having your head stamped on once I suspect there's little you can do. Perhaps the woman had noticed him earlier and her passive behaviour was a mistaken attempt to avoid a confrontation. Possibly better would have been to confront him outside on the street (presumably that's where they came from?) if there were other people around.
  2. WingChun Lawyer

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    Horrible. Frankly, I don´t see what could have helped her - maybe some situational awareness, but even then the attacker seemed determined to kill her, and she was certainly weaker than he was.

    I don´t think MA could have helped her after she went to the floor, though. Even a man of the atacker´s size would be in deep trouble at this point.
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    If I was a woman I would definitely carry something like pepper spray, a bat or even a gun in particularly bad places and be more aware of your surroundings. Screw what the law says, if it could help me get away from something like this then I would definitely do it. I would have had my hand on the weapon and be almost facing the guy, it's just common sense in that situation. I do this when I'm walking somewhere dark with dodgy characters around, either avoid it or have my hand on some kind of weapon (small bat etc). Soon as he moves for you, do whatever you can. Obviously you can't go around stressing and worrying all the time, but just be aware in situations like this that can possibly be fatal, as illustrated.
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    This is not a Human Being

    There are many non-humans in our society. All I can say is that EVERY woman must be aware of her surroundings and that applies to women who know nothing about self defence or martial arts to teachers of martial arts and martial artists of many years. Nobody can say what she could have done but women, never walk into a quiet building if a stranger is walking in behind you. I teach Kung fu but I never allow myself to feel over confident with strangers and I would never walk into an apartment block before any guy, I would let them go first and stand behind them or I would wait until he went up in the lift, alone. Just don't invite problems. Watching, I really felt sorry for her and if it was her head he was stamping on, I find it hard to believe that she would recover to normal.......physically or mentally.
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    My post was deleted.
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    As was mine and one of Wing Chun Lawyers.

    There's something fishy going on!
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    I see HH's post now - are the others back? Or did you make another post HH?
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    Nope, WCL made a post referring to being mugged himself, which I responded to???
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    Baffled then!
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    Apologies then Hedge.

    Not just you.

    We'll keep an eye out for any other glitches.
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    It is difficult to see the victim in the film after she is thrown to the ground. It is a possibility that she was trying to protect her head, so this idiot just keeps stomping away. It seems he wants an unconscious victim, rather than a subdued one, hence the further attack in the lift.

    If she had played possum, would she still be alive? Who knows. Being aware might of helped, but as someone said earlier, we don't know the lead up. Perhaps he had befriended her prior to the attack?
  12. Mo Lung

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    I saw this elsewhere. If it's real, then the woman did indeed die.

    Dmitriy Chernikov is the attacker and he alledgedly robbed her, stamped on her face, then left her in the elevator where she died to delay discovery of the act. Apparently he'd done it before to support a drug habit. He is supposedly going to be sent to jail on murder and robbery charges.The video was from a security camera.

    The only reason that I say "if" it's real is because she supposedly died from excessive head trauma due to the stamping, yet there is no real evidence of said trauma when he drags her into the elevator. Of course, the damage could be considerable to the side or back of the head, or the stamping could have been to the body causing internal injury, but it's just something that occurred to me...

    However, until proven otherwise we can only assume it is real and everyone is quite justified in their horror and condemnation.
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    I appologise for all the unnessecery words used in the thread. I will NEVER DO IT again. Sorry, Yoda!!! :eek:
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    Please Lord Let Me Run Into This Guy One Day.thats Bull----
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    he will get what is coming to him...if not in this world...in the afterlife...
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    Is it just me, or does anyone else see some one else walk by the camera? It's just a brief second but definately there.
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    *restrains from swearing* Poor poor women. It had to be a crackhead or something. Nobody in their right minds would do such a thing. I think he kept stomping her to stop her from screaming (thats my guess).
  18. chungmoomonkey

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    people if there is a big man wearing all lck stand inchess behind u be weary i mean really wen he got so close she should have suspected something.
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    is video still available?

    Is the video still available? I followed this thread & now got so curious :confused:
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