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    Nothing is really left out if you know what to look for.

    I hope you were able to get some of your questions answered this weekend by some of those "in the know".
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    That is true Dan, one of the reason's I wanted to observe the playing field and see if it was similar to what I saw long ago.

    It was and is, then you have some of the stuff they did not show, I would have liked to have seen that.

    Funny you mention "in the know people" I did and did'nt, I was not there to stir, but I did make several connections that I believe will turn up some good information later.

    I was surprised how many were from the "Kajukenbo" group. Many from Nick Cerio group also. You could see the similarity and the difference really quick.

    To bad you did not show up. I was hoping to see you and more from down south. I am observing that there is a sort of a North and South, like in the States of America. I can understand it, things are getting pretty pricy and with the price's these day's one has to pick and choose. To bad most choose to pick the same and not seek out others information to see if it is what they profess.

    Hanshi has a good one coming up this year in Reno. Many are in June and hard to choose which to go to. Many wedding's and funerals to contend with, busy life styles.

    The internet is a good medium, it is one that has helped in some ways and hindered in others.

    No one is going to give away any secrets that is not why I go anyway. Observation and see who is out there. I did meet some from GM Bill Ryusaki's school that I am going to follow up with though.

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