V’s wedding II - The practical arrangements thread

Discussion in 'Celebrations!' started by Thelistmaker, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. narcsarge

    narcsarge Masticated Whey

    Congratulations Chris and Vic!

    Much love to the both of you! Hopefully you two aren't any "the worse for wear" today! ;) Take a break. Relax. The deed is done!

    Wishing you two nothing but continued good fortune and years of happiness.

  2. Victoria

    Victoria Pretzel In Training

    Cheers narc :D

    We're surprisingly well after a full day of alcohol and mahem!

    PS the best man bought us Optimus Prime!! :love:
  3. aikiwolfie

    aikiwolfie ... Supporter

    V!!! Why are you posting on MAP? You just got married? Shouldn't you be off consummating the union or breading or something?
  4. aikiwolfie

    aikiwolfie ... Supporter

    :eek: Who told you :p
  5. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    ALL the girls on MAP have Aiki's number. It gets given out upon registration so he doesn't get all lonely and dejected. :p
  6. aikiwolfie

    aikiwolfie ... Supporter

    Hmm ... strangely my phone never rings and my front door is intact. None of my clothes have been torn to shreds. :(
  7. Victoria

    Victoria Pretzel In Training

    I pop on here for breaks :p :D
  8. narcsarge

    narcsarge Masticated Whey

    Can't tell ya aiki! All the birds would have my head!

    Mrs. V.:

    Breaks? What breaks? Chris getting a bit long in the tooth? :D
  9. Athleng Nordic

    Athleng Nordic Sadly passed away. RIP. Supporter

    Happy joyous days!!

    Couldn't have been too bad the sea's didn't turn red or anything like that. :D

  10. aikiwolfie

    aikiwolfie ... Supporter

    :saz: :ban: :Aegis: :ban: :ban: :ban: :ban:
  11. tom pain

    tom pain I want Chewbacc for good

    I was happy to show up :)

    And no she was quite gentle with me! :p

    Hopefully none of the pictures of me turned out! There's some potentially awful ones of me (including one where I held the camera and tried to take it of myself!).

    And if you find one of the floor....I took it. Wondered if there was any film left :D
  12. Victoria

    Victoria Pretzel In Training

    Cheers deary :D

    Indeed, the day went well and everyone enjoyed!
    Well apart from a coach cockup, the bridesmaid storming home in a strop after the day reception, and a few intruders who Chris and the best man made short work of getting rid of etc :rolleyes:
  13. Victoria

    Victoria Pretzel In Training

    Oh no you got your hands on a camera!! :eek:

    I rescued two of them which are in being put onto CD as I type, I don't doubt one of those has you on it :p
    Chris also stole one for *ahem* home use, which had a lot left on it and I do hope no pics of you!

    And gentle aye ;) Was taking a chance sitting you there but at least she talks...a lot!
  14. 2E0WHN

    2E0WHN Homebrew for idiots

    Congrats V. So in 9 months or so we expect a little V keeping you awake all night now? :D
  15. Victoria

    Victoria Pretzel In Training

    We're getting a dog :p

    Actually an African Grey, but that's early next year :)
  16. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Congratulations to you both V! :love: All the best for the future :)
  17. aikiwolfie

    aikiwolfie ... Supporter

    That's what my younger sister said V. She's on her third now. Due in January/February-ish. Of course my older sister has five kids. Two are twins. :)
  18. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    It's offical now, best to you two, can't wait to see the pictures :)
  19. Victoria

    Victoria Pretzel In Training

    Ok a couple of pics from the camera's that were floating around in the night :D So, Tom... :p

    Tom Pain, rock on? And the groom :love:


    Pain's in ur partiez, stealin ur heliumz!


    And last but not least, Tom and his new GF!!!! ;) ;) *hides*


    C'mon, you two got on so well :love:

    There's err, none of me. Well there's one of my arm, but I had the camera mostly. So, wedding day pics coming in due time :)
  20. tom pain

    tom pain I want Chewbacc for good

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