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    Hello friends!

    I am visiting Korea again soon. I have been there about eight times so far and am looking forward to this next visit. I plan on getting some good training in, attending a tournament, and just having a great time in general!

    I will be visiting both Seoul and Bussan during this stay. I am aware of some of the martial arts supply stores located near Kukkiwon, but was wondering if there were any other martial arts supply shops that some of you might recommend?:dunno:
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    Moosoolsa near Dongdaemun in Seoul is probably the best store in town. They are a bit hard to find now that the old baseball stadium is gone. If you want to I can write you a little 'how to get there'.

    I will be in Korea from July 15 until August 6. On July 21-22 I will be in Yong-in at the International HKD Games of the IHF. l
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    It is quite easy to reach Moosoolsa by subway
    Here is there address in Korean: 서울시 중구 광희동1가 9번지 광신빌딩 6층


    This is what their building looks like.
    Take the elevator to the sixth floor. The lady behind the desk speaks English.


    There is another store that I frequent, but the owners don't speak English. It is a small mom-n-pops store. It is simply called Taekwondo Hapkido Yongpum (tkd hkd stuff), they also sell soccer t-shirts. When I need to get a belt embroidered fast, this is where I go.


    Store front

    On this map you can see how close both stores are to each other.

    The subway station used to be called: Dongdaemun Stadium, now it's name is Dongdaemun History and Culture Park. (it is one (the only?) of the few stations that connects three lines).
    The big red numbers on the map are the exits you have to take.
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