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    My AV sotware (Sophos) was updated for this on Feb 17th.

    It spreads via email and an attached .exe file. I have no sympathy with anyone who gets a virus by running an attached .exe - How dumb can you get?
  3. Anth

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    very, ive got zone alarm and norton running all the time and any windows updates get downloaded automatically so i think im protected. and i use my brain when i see .exe files in emails: i delete them if i dont know the sender
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    i never get any email. :(
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    you mention windows update, it hasn't worked for me for months for some unknown reason. i didn't give it any excuses not to work, it just doesn't
  7. JohnnyX

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    Did you know ......

    There are 300+ new viruses every month. :eek:

    Install AV Software and keep the Signature Files updated.
  8. Saz

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    What browser are you using? And are you running any kind of firewall, and accepting the MS security download that pops ups?
  9. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    If you use Microsoft Office make sure you get the updates for these programs as well at the Office update site.

    The site was down when I tried to get a couple of updates and I forgot about it.

    Friday I hit a mouseover link (unwittingly) which downloaded and kicked off numerous trojans and viri. I have all the current Windows updates but it used securty holes in Outlook and Word to perform the actions. I've corrected most of the damage but the TCP/IP stack is in bad shape. SMTP and POP3 and their bindings are beyond repair. Oh well I needed to do some upgrades anyhow.

    The perps used names like Q330994.exe (which is the name of a Microsoft update) it set off the startpage virus, RATEGA trojan, et al.

    This is tricky because seeing Qnnnnnn.exe (n=number) as an installed program doesn't raise any red flags.

    Learn from my mistake folks and get your updates. (P.S. We need to catch these people and nail their jewels to a railroad track.) :woo:
  10. YODA

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    This is why you should run a decent firewall like ZoneAlarm Pro.

    If a program that accesses the network changes - by name, filesize, timestamp etc - ZA Pro goes nuts :D
  11. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    Actually, that was what alerted me to the problem. I wonder what else it would have done if the other components had been allowed to run their course. The bad side is that it used http and active x problems to trigger so ZA didn't catch them in time.

    Side note: Just because you don't use a particular program does not mean that you are immune to problems with it's code. All of the MS programs are tightly integrated. e.g. If you use IE, Outlook Express is installed on your system and can be vulnerable.
  12. JohnnyX

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    Brand new Virus 'floating' around this weekend. 02 May 2004.

    Seems pretty nasty as it doesn't need to use e-mail to infect the PC.

    Sasser worm 'spreading rapidly'

    A new internet virus spreading rapidly around the world may already have infected millions of computers.
    The Sasser worm spreads automatically, and can attack any computer connected to an internet service provider.

    Unlike a computer virus, the Sasser worm does not infect computers through emails or attachments, but can target any PC linked to the internet.

    More here:

    Protect yourselves!
  13. Topher

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  14. shipto

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    spent the whole day trying to get rid of a trojan "revop.c" kept getting rid then deleting the quaranteen files along with a few that trojan remover and avg found but it kept reinfecting me everytime I restarted and then started browser still dont know if I have got rid but it seems hopeful so far.
    been trying to get rid with s&d spyware remover, trojan remover and avg and have set inertnet security high but its been a pig .

    Edit: <many swear words> still not gone it makes the screen black and reinfects when I start browser for the first time will let you all know when I find something to get rid of it.
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  15. La Mancha

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    If you are useing win200 or XP you must disable the restore feature or every time you start the computer you reinfect it.

  16. shipto

    shipto Atkin's for life

    no its windowsME but (fingers crossed) its fixed now downloaded a program called adaware and it seems to have done the business will do another virus scan in a few hours because it may be hidden in other files I have read it can infect media player but like I said all seems fine at the moment.
  17. Anth

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    a virus, known as Korgo, is going round stealing credit card information. it is similar to the Sasser worm, in that it goes round the internet on its own ie not in emails etc.

    Korgo virus

    watch out people, and take note of all the security precautions already mentioned

  18. YODA

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    Basically if you've been paying attention these last few months and have closed the holes in windows exploited by Sasser and the like - Korgo is no threat to you.
  19. YODA

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    Yesterday I looked at a friends home PC for him. It was "behaving a little strange" and his phone bill was "a little high."

    When asked what AV software he has his reply was that he doesn't worry about any of "that scare-mongering stuff" [​IMG]

    The result? FIFTEEN viruses, including...

    3 premium rate dialers - one of which was set as his default connection.

    2 Key loggers - both with much data in their logs including credit card numbers, online banking details, passwords etc.

    Oh dear [​IMG]

    Is this a record I wonder?

    I did him a certificate for "The Darwin Awards for Internet Security" :D
  20. JohnnyX

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    There's that old saying. "What are friends for?" :D

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