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    Yeah...his initials are AF. I had no idea!
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    sent you e-mail.
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    Should have put some Shaolin arts flyers on there cars lol.

    I meant the wing chun jeet kune do schools not the made shaolin kempo schools.
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    So five USSD instructors beat up a dying man and his wife holding a baby? :mad:

    Gee how proud they must be.
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    A Letter: The ASSK San Diego Saga


    I was just looking at the photos of Master Pearlswig, Master Fraticelli, Master Takaki, Paul, and Myself hanging on the wall in my office.

    Then I was just reading some old blog about ASSK. Well, I was one of those members that was a student in part of Villari Studios of Self Defense in 1985. I heard of all of the stuff from first hand people. Some weren't happy, some were. I enjoyed the training. I was in awe of my first tournament in Mission Viejo, CA at Saddleback College. I have a wonderful photo of Grand Master Villari, Materra, Pearlswig, Fritz, Bagley all together as collegues. All smiling and as it seem; one big happy family.

    What happened behind the scenes, is just business. Businesses split, merge, and close. It business. The good and the bad. Ever left a mechanic, barber or store for poor service? It all comes down to --saddly-- money.

    Now dispite all of the deals and programs from green belt to Instructors club, the instruction during my time was excellent. I've personally been on the recieving end of Master Pearl, during sparring and as his Uke during a all day seminar. Believe me, he's the "real deal". I respect him greatly.

    I remember my first black belt exam under him and the testing board. The all day grueling exam was not a walk in the park.

    I also know that as a former ASSK school owner myself, he mentored me well. Though my school was forced to close, it was not by the Pearl's doing. I take that responsibility on my shoulders.

    As for all of the ASSK stuff, well Master Pearl had one location here in SD and the others were licensed to use the name. All Black Belt instructor had weekly training sessions. And when the Pearl was in town for a seminar or tournament, well you could only imagine what that training day was like.

    Train hard and listen well with the Pearl, there are only few like him. I've recently returned to training hard again after a couple of years off and it's great.

    There was a lot of baggage from the past after the VILLARI-USSD-Masters of SHAOLIN-ASSK split. So what! Make your own descision how you spend you money. Be savy. Be wise.

    I don't regret the cost of time and money to train my body and mind. Just make sure you get what you pay for. It's your reponsibility. There are a few bitter petty people still smarting about these old issues. If you really want know about this stuff. You're going have to keep searching. Yet you should really ask yourself....Well does it really matter if you're getting your training.

    Be expected to pay quite a bit more for training with the master. That may or may not happen. Understand your real training begins at black belt. That's when the master is ready for you.

    I know. Will I talk about it. No. Did stuff happen? Yeah, did it ever!

    Was ASSK in San Diego----? Yes we sure were!

    Do I miss the team? Oh Yeah!!!

    Get over it and get you but back in the dojo or garage and train!! Don't dwell on the past. Forgive yourself and bless others with you knowledge.

    You see, I have the photo in my wall.

    Happy Training!

    Duke Windsor,
    4th Dan Shaolin Kempo
    Karazenpo Go ShinJustu Black Belt Society

    Former Owner/Chief Instructor:
    Windsor Kempo Institute
    American Schools of Shaolin Kempo
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    Becoming a black belt is not just technique. Its spirit. Its desire. Its heart. I never regret the four black belt exams I've endured.

    In Japan, you go through days of testing and still may not pass.
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    DWindsor, did you know Tracy Takaki?
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    More details please...

    How can you prove to me that what you are saying about Master Richard Black is correct?
    I'd appreciate more valubale details :)

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    Reading is fundamental, Braveheart. This thread is 6 years old.
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    @ smelly feet,

    Thank you for responding.

    I live overseas and I don’t know anything about master Richard Black and what bad attitude he has as you said and I don’t know what he did in the past, but a very close person to my heart got badly hurt by him, so I'm doing a research on this man ,yet haven’t found anything states against him.
    I'm willing to find some valuable information, evidence and proofs that could help prove that this man isn't decent and could be useful for that person's attorney if needed in the future!

    I would really appreciate any help ! it's a very important case!
    please contact me

    injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere !

    thank you.
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    IT'S 6 YEARS OLD!! READ IT!!!!

    What is it with all the necrapmancy this week??
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    am i missing something? smelly feet did not respond. because this is from 6 YEARS AGO.

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