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    Here is a link to videos from the Club where i practice. Click on the Martial Art of Aikido link and then follow the Video Clips index.
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    An update

    We are closing down the British Aikido geocities site shortly, and we have a new site up n running for " British Aikido " at

    British Aikido
    The British Aikido history and Information website.
    Articles, history, lineage, videos, 4 photo galleries,

    Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido News Letter
    Congratulations to Karen Rutland Sensei

    I am pleased to inform every member of the ` E S T A ` of the promotion on Wednesday evening 18th - November - 2009, of Karen Rutland to Shodan. Karen was graded by both Mark Eastman Sensei and Brad Beeden Sensei. Karen is only the second lady to be graded to Shodan in the long history of the ESTA. I am sure that all members will be proud of Karen and her rare achievement. We are all very proud of you Karen Sensei !!
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    Congrats to Karen !

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