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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by spirez, May 28, 2007.

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  1. spirez

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    Following on from the BJJ for self defense thread:

    Did anyone see The Ultimate Fighter this week? There was a 'street' fight in that, the one guy's instant reaction was first to pull guard and go for a guillotine, which resulted in him getting his back smashed of a kerb stone, the second time he went for an armbar from the guard and got repeatedly slammed into concrete head first...

    I suggest you guys take a look at that before saying BJJ is great for self defense. I mean the guy just used his instincts based upon his training and took one hell of a beating. How he wasn't hurt worse is pretty amazing actually. With the adrenaline and all he probably didn't think of the consequences so don't just come back with how he's an idiot for pulling guard like that...


    I train BJJ, i train Muay Thai. But if i'm in a street fight i'm going straight for the groin, eyes, throat etc. I'd only want to use my ground skills to get back to standing.

    Not to say that BJJ wouldn't be effective if you do it right but a fight fueled with adrenaline is 100 worlds apart from a roll with a training partner on soft, cushy mats.
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  2. Sever

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    There's a thread on this video here
    Please continue discussion of this in that thread
    Thanks :)
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