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  1. romario

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    hell o

    I'm practising yang stile Tai chi quan for about 7 years know, i enjoy every moment of it. I want to ask you about your experience with body, soul and mind reactions to qi flow. I'm experiencing some vibrations inside of my body. qi flow are qi blockage?
    I'm not looking for signs (i think) they just appear. I also feel sometimes after practice, like my arms and legs were wraped with somekind of thick foam. how can i control it, i think it controles me! I'm still as confused as i was when i started with tai chi.

    thanks for your thoughts
  2. wutan

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    Ask your Tai Chi Instructor about these sensations he/she should be able to explain to you why you are experiencing them.
    They sound perfectly normal to me and as long as you do not feel ill or upset by them and you are not practising any sort of heavy duty chi kung that can disturb energy patterns in the body then fine.
    Bear in mind that the body is a field of energy and that there is really nothing mystical about feeling this energy especially when working with it in a safe way.
  3. romario

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    thanks wutan for your thoughts! I still have a lot to learn about my body. I still have time:)
    best regards

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