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  1. Edward Hsu

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    Those of you in America involved in USTU or AAU Taekwondo programs are familiar with the problems facing the USTU....I have been involved with the USTU for the past 20 a student, competitor , coach and studio owner.I enjoy going to the USTU events (US Open, Junior Olympics & Senior Nationals )however ,with everything going on it has left a bad taste in my mouth....just wondering wht others take on this issue is...student/parent/Master/competitor
  2. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    As kind of an insider, can you clarify some of the rumors, stories, that are going around about the USTU and AAU? We would greatly appreciate it.
  3. mountainsage

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    Here's my bitch

    Ed, you ask for it!
    1) A U.S. Citizen should be the head of any US organization. I don't give a hoot about this person ancestory, but they must be a citizen. The USTU is the only world TKD organization that doesn't or didn't have a citizen of that country it represents as the head of the organization.
    2)All members of the board of directors and senior administrative staff need to be US citizen. See a pattern here yet?
    3) To be the head of a state organization you should be a citizen.
    4) Decide if TKD is a sport or an art. Contrary to popular belief, it can't be both. The training behind each is different and motivation is radically different.
    TKD has moved beyond the realm of Korea. The USA has a different style than any other country, each country is unique. It is time to start breaking the controling tie with Korea and begin walk on our own. The US has made a living out of borrowing skill and arts from other countries and changing them to be uniquely American. It is time for the US to promote their own BB with a national organization up to about 7th Dan. An organiztion the doesn't answer to any foreign organization or finances them.

  4. Edward Hsu

    Edward Hsu Valued Member

    I don't agree that to run the USTU you must be of 'non-korean' decent, While I feel that the current administration is made up of liars, thieves and those only in it for their own advancement (personnal experience) especially when it comes to Sang Lee...I do know however that the Older Grandmaster's, the ones that actually help start the USTU are non too happy with the situation...especially the Drandmaster's that are presently involved with the USTW...

    I will still be sending students to the US Open, even with the supposed lack of support.. it should still be a worthwhile tournament.The other National events for me are up in the air....
  5. Aravi

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    I don't think he was talking about descent, just citizenship.

    And yeah, if the people who run it aren't American citizens, it's not really an American organisation.
  6. mountainsage

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    Aravi is correct. I may have not been clear enough on point 2 and 3. I don't care where they come from or where their relative come from, yet the need to be US citizen. Sang Lee is a perfect example of a non-citizen looting and running. It is going to be difficult to bring Lee to answer for his indescretion when he is not a citizen, as well as, any other higher administrative people that are non-citizen. I am willing to bet those grandmasters that you refer to are US citizen.

  7. Edward Hsu

    Edward Hsu Valued Member

    My point isn't whether one is an American citizen or not...The Master I currently train with is an American citizen,as well as his father,one of the GrandMaster's that helped start the USTU...they themselves dropped out of the USTU back in 1996.The Master I train with was the head of the Junior Olympic tournament committee....

    If any one read the story in the current edition of Taekwondo Times on the USTW ( U.S. Taekwondo Won) you will see GM KW Ahn opinion on the whole issue...
  8. mountainsage

    mountainsage New Member

    My point

    My is about citizenship, not about defending a corrupt system no matter who is, was, or will be involved. Those Grandmasters left the organization rather than fix the problem, why?. I am curious when the whole situation went south and why.

  9. Edward Hsu

    Edward Hsu Valued Member


    I agree with you...though I'm not certain whether or not Sang Lee is an american citizen or not...he is not the 'same' Master he was years a student/competitior back in the 80s ,living in the NYC area, all the studios involved in the NYS Taekwondo Association were quite close..including Sang Lee who was based out of Binghamton.As a matter of fact he used to come to our belt testing quite often and did sparring seminars for our school.

    What he has done with the USTU is an outrage and the fact that he will not step down is a testament to his selfishness...
    speaking to some Masters that still deal with him and those involved in the current administration feel that all will be 'alright' and still try to capitalize off of the USTU in spite of the fact that the hammer will fall hard on them....

    I hope that a resolution will happen soon...don't know if it will be in the hands of those involved in the USAT (U.S.A Taekwondo) or in the AAU or if USTU can be saved....

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