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    Black Belt 1st degree (17 forms available)
    Internal Arts
    Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan (64)
    Classical 8-section Pa Kua Chang

    Open hand forms
    Hei Hu Tao Shin (black tiger yanks the heart out)
    Heu Hu Chuan Sen (black tiger turns the body)
    Hei Hu Huan Sen (black tiger flips the body)
    He Hu Shou Sang (black tiger wounded)
    Foong Wang Han Chuei Chuan (mad insane drunkard's fist)
    Tang Lang Tsu Dju (praying mantis enters the door)

    Weapon forms
    Chiang Su Lian Se (spear fighting techniques form)
    Luo Chia Chiang (Luo family spear)
    Mei Hua Chiang (plum flower spear)
    Yang Chia Chiang (Yang family spear)
    Chuei Tao (drunken braodsword)
    Yen Tse Tian Shia Tao (swallow swoops down from heaven dagger)
    Cheui Kai Pang (drunken begger stick- "stick and bowl" form)
    Se Mien Pa Huang Suang Tao Wu (four faces-eight directions double broadsword)
    Tien Ta Suang Hu Tou Kuo (double tiger hook swords shake the heavens)

    Black Belt 2nd - 3rd degree (3 years required to complete this level)

    Hu He Shuang Shing (tiger-crane duet)
    Shing Yi 5 roads
    Shing Yi 5 roads linked form
    Shing Yi 12 animal forms
    Shing Yi 2 man set
    Se Mien Ba Huang Jian (table top sword)
    Chi Shing Jian (seven star sword
    Zhuan Yang Jian (skewer the sun sword)
    Zui Jian (Drunken sword)
    Yang Jia Tai Chi Jian (Tai Chi sword)
    Shaolin BaiYen Tang Lang Chuan (white monkey mantis fist)
    Pai Hou Pai Fu (White monkey praises buddha)
    Spear verses Broadsword 2-man set

    Black Belt 3rd - 4th degree (4 years required to complete this level)

    Ie Lu Hua Chien -1st Road of Hua Fist
    Ar Lu Hua Chien -2nd Road of Hua Fist
    San Lu Hua Chien -3rd Road of Hua Fist
    Se Lu Hua Chien -4th Road of Hua Fist
    Hua Chien Tue Ta Ti Ie Pu Hua Fist 2 Man Set#1
    Hua Chien Tue Ta Ti Ar Pu Hua Fist 2 Man Set#2
    Hua Chien -Modern Hua Fist
    Chang Chien -Long Fist
    Tai Tse Chien -Fist of the Grand Ultimate Mercy
    Tang Lang Chien -Praying Mantis Fist
    Pang Lung Pang -Entwine the Dragon
    Ar Chi Tao Su -2nd Level Broadsword
    Tie Pien Tsua Lung Wang Oo -Dance of the Dragon King (7 link whip)
    Suang Tie Pa Chie Tao -Butterfly Knives
    Yang Se Tai Chi Tao -Tai Chi Broadsword
    Tai Chi Tao Tue Ta -Tai Chi Broadsword 2 man set
    -- Iron Bone Training
    -- Weight Vest Conditioning
    I am not so sure on how pure this is but probably alot more pure than mattera's or villaris shaolin.
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    It does look more pure kung fu shaolin then charles matteras ussd or fred villaris.
    They both do trips to china but they dont teach that at there dojos at least when I was there.
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    Hey did anyone goto the fred villari seminar last weekend?
    He promoted 4 people to 9th and 3 people to 8th.
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    Please do not cross post - please check the Terms of Service you agreed to when you joined the forum :) There is no harm at all setting up a new thread on this matter alone - please bear that in mind in future. Not now though!!

    Many thanks
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    The specific USSD dojo was good about 4 ½ to 5 years to back belt, it was $125 a month back then that was for four hours (seven for the blue belts and up) plus one private lesson per week. That instructor, (who is no longer there) would also work with any students who came by pretty much as much as you wished.
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    What was the insturctors name? Did he/she open their own dojo? Did you work ussd?
  7. fightingninja2

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    In the late 90s things changed. Scoot woods left and went back to fred villaris then later went on his own.
    Ussd then made it so you couldn't own your dojo 100%
    If I still taught karate I would go with villaris because you can own your dojo 100% for $30,000 to $40,000 unlike matteras ussd $135,000 for something like 33%
  8. kickingfist

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    When grandmaster fred villari takes over go and talk to one of your old instructors and see what they can do for you.
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  9. natkungfu

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    I hear it's now $250,000 for half a dojo with them.
  10. KenpoDavid

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    What a rip-off. Our deal offers 100% ownership of your school with a fixed monthly franchise fee, no minimum sales, etc... it's amazing what people will sign up for.

    it really goes to show, if you demand an insanely high price for something, a good percentage of people will take that to mean it is worth that much.
  11. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    Yeah people belive any thing you tell them with out doing the research first.]
    How do they expect to get their 200 k back? I mean you only get half the profits it will take 50 years just to break even.
    How many schools do you guys have?
  12. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    We have 2 open now, had 4 at one time. We have 2 guys who will open school in 07, and 3 more in training to open schools at a later date (I am one of these).
  13. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    Cool! So two people will run one school? Not a bad idea. What happened to the two that shut down?
  14. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    sorry, I meant 2 new schools will be opening.

    One that shut down was before I was with the organization so I don't know why.

    The other, was financial. The guy running it was a good MA but not very good at running a business, he couldn't pay his bills, and so had to close his doors. I was a student there... When his wife got pregnant I think the financials just got to be too much and he needed a more secure income.
  15. natkungfu

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    kids and other things happen thats life.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    Which instructor/studio was that?
  17. smelly feet

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    Crappy style=Crappy instructors

    Your right not all Ussd schools are full of money hungry instructors but its getting worse each year.
  18. Almost A Ghost

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    One of the things I learned in their Instructors College:

    You are a salesman first, then an instructor.
  19. smelly feet

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    Same here . After first month try to upgrade the student to double privates (god only knows how much that is now) Don't tell the stundents how old you are, talk up the company and how great it is that you work for USSD 300 a week for 50+ hours.

    Yeah their the best martial arts company out there aren't they? They are really sharing the magic of the martial arts?
  20. smelly feet

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