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  1. natkungfu

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    I heard demasco left ussd.
  2. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    B.S. Pal! They do let red belts run dojos.
  3. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    Did you notice ussd opened a school a few miles away from you?
  4. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    Joe Nobody,

    First off, I would like to state that I am a former instructor. USSD isn't about fighting, but teaching martial arts should not be just about making money, which is what they make it out to be. Martial arts is a way of life and it's sad that people forget that when they become full time instructors. I know plently of people that teach martial arts and have a real job. They do fine.

    I personally know people that have flunked a test, one being myself, because of where I originally came from and not because of what I knew or didn't know. I knew all my material, but I came from a different SKK school, so I was black balled.

    I can't blame that studio owner for yelling at you because USSD doesn't teach BJJ. They teach Japanese Jujitsu and not Brazilian. They aren't ever going to teach a defense for a triangle because it's not in their curriculum. Now, they teach self defense. BJJ is great if you are going to a grappling tournament or if you are one and one...however, think about it this way, if you are in the streets, you're not triangle choking a guy when he's got buddies. they are kicking you in the head because you have no way to protect yourself. To do the choke properly, aren't you using your legs to choke and the hands to pull the head down further into the choke? That's how I learned how to do the choke...

    You're not being fair to ussd based on your comments. They do shaddy things, but your post doesn't represent that at all. I don't particullarly like ussd, but that's me and a lot of other people.
  5. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    This is true.
  6. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    I guess you haven't met all the instructors yet. I can tell you stories about instructors that aren't so nice...just nice to your face and then are mean behind your back. There really isn't that much tradition in the system. Do you even know your history? You Kempo is from hawaii which was passed to cerio, then to villari, THEN to mattera, then to DeMasco. Did you know your organization has only been around since 1991? your school was originally called "Fred Villari's United Studios of Self Defense." There's actually a lot of holes in the "techniques" that you say are sooo applicable to the streets. They aren't. some of the techniques will have you getting beaten up. Your "GrandMasters" are not the only ones that have been made white disciples to the shaolin temple. Danjo has the link to others on one of his posts. How fun is it to go to China? You get to sighsee for oh um, 10 days and then you get to train with the monks for what, 2 or 3 hours total? HA! I know places that train with the monks for 6 hours a day for 2 weeks. Did you know that your "shaolin tiger, shaolin dragon, shaolin snake, shaolin crane, and shaolin leopard forms" are not from the shaolin temple? they call them that to not give credit to the master that taught it to steve demasco. sounds like a great bunch of people. maybe you need to just get out of your world of white clouds, sugar plum fairies and rose colored glasses and step back into reality where everyone else lives.
  7. James Funaro

    James Funaro Formerly "joe nobody"

    Gufbal1981: what if i have more buddies than him? What if we each have no buddies or as I have seen sometimes his buddies won't fight?

    The scenario determines the tactics and each tech has a good application, though my first choice would not be a triangle choke on the street, I have used guilitines a few times and grappling to keep top control is a good way for a quick GnP.

    On a different note my point was not that USSD should have taught a counter to my triangle choke, but that they shouldn't have criticized it. I would expect more of a "cool triangle choke, but I wouldn't use it too much if I were you, here's how Kempo would deal with this situation so you don't need to rely on a triangle again".

    Also, all USSD is not the same I realize that, just a sour experience on my part.
  8. KempoFist

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    Danjo = West Coast
    Me = LI
  9. James Funaro

    James Funaro Formerly "joe nobody"

    Of course I know where you from KempoFist. Should I just get my usernames the same on both sites to make things easier? I like this one better than my other.
  10. KempoFist

    KempoFist Attention Whore

    I forgot who you were... whoops :p
  11. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    I dont know why Charles Mattera of ussd is affraid of his past and doesnt put Grandmaster Fred Villari for his instructor?
  12. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    Also the ussd china trip you dont test at the shaolin temple you test at the hotel parking lot. :Alien:

    I was going to go but my buddy told me that they test in the parking lot AND YOU LEARN ONE FORUM!!!!!!!! You spend two weeks walking around china for $5,000 :confused:

    They have a video out the road to china or somthing like that and where it says night training thats the hotel parking lot where they are really testing not training. Good sincerity!!

    My buddy got his black belt then and he was not happy. :bang:

    He spent like $400 for his black belt because his instructor told him he'd test at the shaolin temple not the holiday inn. :bang:

    So before you fork over that $5,000 for the next trip to china think about it for a min or two.
  13. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    Joe Nobody: I was one of the instructors that was not the same as the other instructors and I got booted. That's what happens to the ones that are different and not "company" oriented. I will honestly say that most company instructors will never complement you on your grappling skill because they do not possess that skill, so they must put you down. Kempo doesn't deal with triangle chokes because they won't go to the ground because they will try to keep it standing. I would love to see a USSD instructor get caught in a flying triangle choke and see how they deal with that, and then whine and complain.
  14. James Funaro

    James Funaro Formerly "joe nobody"

    Well they should deal with them. Thats why I would never go back to most Kempo schools. They want to teach a system but it dosen't evolve. Why can't they teach a defence to a triangle? Regardless of opinion on MMA and such, people watch it and study it. It's something you might encounter in a fight.

    Haymakers aren't part of Kempo either but they can defend against them, right? Fighting is always evolving and so should the arts. They don't have to change the training methods (though I would), but new material needs to be introduced. I dislike forms, but why do they rely on old ones? Why rely on techniques made 100 years ago? Shouldn't the masters of today be better than those 100 years ago? If not then they suck and the training sucks. These new and better masters (assuming they are, ideally they would be, but I doubt it) should be evolving the system.

    Instead I have seen them modify techniques by punching at a slightly different angle, or using a palm strike rather than a fist. It seems trivial and moronic to me.

    We don't drive Model T's anymore because someone made a Toyota Camry, it's better.
  15. James Funaro

    James Funaro Formerly "joe nobody"

    Actually this seems better. We don't drive Model T's anymore because Ford made a Mustang or whatever. It's still a Ford, but it evolved into something better, more useful.

    Toyota maybe makes different cars than Ford. However, it keeps making new and better cars that still fit the Toyota way or idea of what a car should be.

    All the manufacturer's evolve together due to the same forces, roads are paved now, safety features/ emissions standards required, people demand better gas mileage. They each respond to the problem but they do it in slightly different ways.

    Taekwondo, Karate, Kempo, Kung Fu, should all have techniques for triangles( or whatever) but they can all deal with it in their own way.
  16. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    Seems to make perfect sense to me ;)
  17. dianhsuhe

    dianhsuhe Co-Founder: Glow-Do


    Joe Nobody- Quite a bit of negativity... They suck and are morons?

    I think the model T's have their redeeming qualities... :)
  18. James Funaro

    James Funaro Formerly "joe nobody"

    No, they are not morons, I didn't say that. They are missing on making their art more useful by ignoring new trends. That is moronic to me.

    No they don't suck in general. Yes they will likely suck when it comes to dealing with new or reemerging techniques. They will suck at defending the triangle if they don't teach how to do it, won't they?
  19. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    I agree with you and I'll give you an answer why they won't teach that defense either. I will tell you that you are pretty much ostracized if you go outside the system to learn will actually be blackballed if you continue to do so. They don't want to evolve the system...they just want to add more forms to the system. Someday, their version of Kempo will die.
  20. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    Yeah they dont want to add anything to their crappy system.
    Gee better not make the art more practical or usefull for street fighting. :woo:

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